Time Collapses into Now

            Recently, I went through an intense review of Liz’s former life. Over the course of a few weeks I visited, not events, but rather Liz’s experience of herself at certain times of her life. For example, I’d suddenly recall what Liz felt like sitting in her fourth-grade classroom. The memory would come up strong, I would sit with it, and it would sort of “burn off” and pass. If you read my memoir , then you may recall that toward the end of the book I mentioned being visited by strong memories of a time I called The Loop Time because of Liz’s involvement around the age of seven with a family that lived in a cul-de-sac, or loop, near her home. I became aware that she had an experience of Christ at that time. After this recent life review, I was again visited by even stronger memories of The Loop Time, with a further expansion of its unconscious effects on Liz. For example, she felt both singled out by God because she knew she was having an experience that was not common to ot

Uncovering Hidden Forms of Delusion

             It can be hard to describe the nuances of how one’s mind works, but I’m going to try here in case this can be of help to someone else. I’ve long been familiar with recognizing a triggered ego. This goes way back to when I was first a student of A Course in Miracles almost 40 years ago. I will describe something that will be familiar to many of you: I would be at peace at home while studying and meditating, but as soon as I walked out the door, I would lose my peace. I wanted to blame the world, but it was obvious something had triggered ego in me. Of course, over a long span of time, I learned, through various stages, to bring peace with me as I interacted with the world, and I was triggered less. But there was something else going on with ego that I only discovered recently. It began in my twenties, after I had become a student of A Course in Miracles , and after my first foray into Spirit-consciousness, the “honeymoon” of the Period of Undoing. After the peak of tha

Measuring Advancing Awareness of Truth

            Consciousness is meant to be the “alternate reality” to Reality, or God. Ego is the belief in consciousness that consciousness and what happens in consciousness is reality. Ken Wapnick pointed out that measure of a student of A Course in Miracles’ advancement in their awareness of Truth is not that their minds are never in ego but in how quickly their minds recover from being in ego. How quickly does the realization “Oh, wait, this isn’t real” (or some similar idea) arise in your mind and concern with or a triggered response to something occurring in the person’s life, on the world stage, or in your mind dissolve? Can your mind simply be with a response, positive or negative, and allow it to fully and sometimes intensely manifest without judgment, and watch it pass as it returns to the Herenow, untouched by the experience? Some of you are with a more advanced consciousness than you know. You mistakenly measure its progress by ego’s presence rather than by its transcend

Ask: Can you explain "joining"?

         “Can you tell me what your process is for joining and what your perception of joining is? I know that the false self cannot join so who is the one who joins and how can we do it? Also, you mention in your memoir about communing with God. How does that happen and what is the difference between that and joining?” —MK   Joining is not the most apt but rather the most convenient word, because you are correct that joining , which implies more than one, does not really occur when I “join in Christ” with others. They turn inward to Christ as I turn inward to Christ, both of us going to the same Place, as Christ is the same, and all that is real, in each mind. So, we acknowledge Unity rather than join as we each turn away from the fragmented illusion and consciously rest in the Onlyness of Christ. The idea is that as we do this together, we strengthen this awareness in each other. I offer this as a service alone ( ) as well as at the end of or during mentorin

The Only I

             The experience of ego comes with a strong sense of identity . “ This is me ,” it says of consciousness. Really, what it is saying of consciousness is, “ This is real .” As consciousness is an illusion, ego is a delusion, or the idea that the illusion is real. As the shift in consciousness approached this mind, it often came to it that rather than the question “What am I?” the better question is “What is real?” because the former question is answered in the latter question. Only what is real could be said to be an identity . The shift in consciousness was Christ, God’s Extension to consciousness, revealed as the only “I”. The dawning of Christ’s Reality in this mind’s conscious awareness pushed ego aside to become the sideshow it is. It winds down, perhaps to become dormant someday. When this mind began to have experiences that showed the “I” was not the experiencer (consciousness), it was confused to also see the “I” never actually identified with the experiencer. Ce

Ask: Why does the Atonement appear to play out over time?

  “…why does Atonement, which occurred in an instant, have to (or appear to have to) play out over time?” –DM   God, being All, must contain the idea of Its Own opposite. But being All, God cannot have an opposite. So, as soon as the idea of not-God arises it is simultaneously undone by God’s All-encompassing nature. The idea of not-God is impossible. Its seeming occurrence (consciousness) is an illusion. As God is Timeless (Eternal), the idea of not-God contains time, so what was over in an instant seems in the illusion to take time to work out. This expression of an instant unfolding over time is the Atonement, or the correction of the perception (consciousness) of separation from God. The Atonement does not have to happen. It is an illusion; it only seems to happen.   Time is the illusion on which the rest of the illusion rests. This is why A Course in Miracles emphasizes the holy instant as an essential practice. In the holy instant you step out of the illusion of time

What the Person is Here to Be

            Clients and readers will say, “So-and-so teacher says we are all here to play.” Or, “So-and-so teacher says we are all meant to be happy.” Or, “So-and-so teacher says we are all here to love one another.” What those teachers describe is true of the real world, but not of ego’s false world. I do not know if they are in the real world when they say this and are speaking for themselves or if they have glimpsed the real world and think it is what the false world is supposed to become. But you cannot apply what is true for the real world to ego’s false world. And you cannot make the false world into the real world. They are two completely different states of consciousness and experiences of existence. It is true that if you touch the real world, it will have an effect on you and your perception of the false world in a lovely way, what A Course in Miracles calls a miracle. But that is only a temporary effect in the false world. The world is the unfolding Atonement, or the c