Wednesday, May 27, 2015

A Different Approach to the Body

Last week I wrote about how I learned to put aside expectations that arose from spiritual study and to allow myself to be led from within. An example of this would be how I was led to an approach to the body that was different from what I read in A Course in Miracles.

When I first became a student of ACIM I was, like everyone, filled with guilt (but didn’t know it). So I read ACIM through a filter of guilt. I read a lot of love and release (forgiveness) in ACIM, too, but in many ways I felt condemnation when I was reading. I vaguely knew this was coming from me but my belief in guilt was so strong that I couldn’t look at this directly for many, many years. One of the topics over which I felt tremendous guilt while reading ACIM was the body, especially when it came to physical illness.

ACIM teaches that the universe of form, which of course includes bodies, was not made by God. Therefore, the body is not real. However, I experience a body and denying that I experience the body would denigrate the power of my mind. So I do not have to deny the experience until that happens naturally. The body is only an idea in the mind and everything that happens in the body, including reflexes, instincts, illness, etc. is actually a choice of the mind. The body is neutral and in its neutral state it manifests perfect health. Illness in the body is caused by the guilt and fear of God I experience in my identification with the body. So if I do not identify with the body it will manifest perfect health. (You can read in detail what ACIM teaches about the body and illness and physical healing at my website:

However, from the beginning I was often told something else by the Holy Spirit in my mind as I read ACIM. Sometimes I would think that I was only being given an interpretation. But later I’d discover that it was not only an interpretation. I was experiencing something very different from what ACIM said. For example I would read in ACIM that illness in the body is caused by my identification with the body. In my guilt I would feel fearful when I read this. But later when I would think of those passages the Holy Spirit in my mind would explain that I experienced illness because of my identification with the body. This, of course, makes perfect sense. I would not experience illness otherwise. The clarity with which I experienced this made me think that my original, fearful interpretation was being corrected. But later I’d come across the same passage or one like it and I’d see that I was given more than an interpretation. I was given a whole other approach. This happened often when I read about the body and illness. And it only happened when I read about the body and illness. No other topic in ACIM was changed for me.

ACIM says that using form (medicines, treatments, etc.) to heal the body is “magical thinking”. The body can only be healed by the mind. But the Holy Spirit told me that the remedies for form are at the level of form. Cause and effect applies at the level of form. Genes, environment, attitudes, behavior, choices, and energy all affect the body at the level of form. So at the level of form medicines and treatments are not “magic”. They are manifestations of the choice to be relieved of physical symptoms at the level of form. The Holy Spirit told me that I am mind and that “magical thinking” is not thinking that medicines can help the body. “Magical thinking” is the belief that healing the body would heal mind. You can see that there is a big difference here.

Once when I was thinking about sickness the Holy Spirit explained to me that when a lion takes down a gazelle it is not personal. The lion is only trying to survive. It’s the same with a virus, like a cancer or a ‘flu. The virus is only another organism in the world. It is not personal when it attacks a body. It’s only doing what viruses do to survive. So a virus is not “wrong” or “bad”. It’s neutral. It has no meaning in itself. It’s just part of the experience of the world.  The whole experience of the world is one of guilt and fear. Illness is not a special case of this. The body does not have a neutral state of perfection. The whole of the universe of form, as the opposite of Perfect Truth, is inherently dysfunctional. This dysfunction is not wrong or bad. It is just the way that the opposite-of-Truth is. Again, this is very different from what ACIM teaches.

What ACIM had to say about the body and illness always felt off to me. However, the Voice of ACIM was always consistent to me so I never felt that Helen had let in other voices or her own ego. So for a long while I assumed that the “off” feeling was just a projection of my own guilt. This other, clear approach that I have received from the Holy Spirit came over a very long time because in my guilt and fear my mind was closed. It also confused me. Was it different from ACIM? Fear made it hard for me to sort them out. I expected that when I was less fearful and therefore open what ACIM teaches would become clear to me. And it did (see link above) but it still felt “off” to me. I thought I must still be blocked. It took me a long time to see that I had actually been led to a different approach.

When I asked the Holy Spirit about the difference between ACIM and where I have been led I was told that Helen had a different goal from my goal. I cannot speak to her goal. But mine has always been to know Truth and be at peace. Helen was told that if she healed the body of illness by simply choosing against illness it would demonstrate the power of mind. She would learn that the mind decides how the body feels. She would learn that she is not the victim of the universe of form. Last year during a brief illness I caught a glimpse of the level of mind where the choice of illness is made. When I saw this I simultaneously saw that that level of the mind is not real, either. The body, illness in the body, the part of mind that causes responses in the body – all of that is not-Truth. I was not led to change that level of mind to heal the body. I was led to let it all go. All along I’ve been led to detach from the body – indeed, all of not-Truth - not to seek to change my mind to heal the body.

When I translated ACIM into plain, everyday language I kept its message about the body and illness the same though it conflicted in many ways with what I was learning directly from the Holy Spirit. In fact, that was when I began to enquire into the difference. But it was not my place to change ACIM’s message. What I teach now is what I have learned directly from the Holy Spirit. When students contact me to learn how to heal the body by changing their minds I direct them to other ACIM teachers whose interest seems to lie in that direction.

This approach to the body is still unfolding for me. I will continue to be led from within rather than from a book or another person in the world. Teachers and teachings are not ends in themselves. They are means to my goal of being aware of Truth but only when viewed through the Teacher of Truth (Holy Spirit) in my own mind.

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Wednesday, May 20, 2015

Trust Your Own Path

If I had my way (oh, there’s so much I could say after this!) no one would be able to read spiritual material or to listen to spiritual teachers that are more advanced than they are. It seems to cause so many problems. And of course the problems are not in the material but in the readers and listeners.

I’ll say again what I’ve said often lately: this path has not unfolded in the way that I thought it would. I have gone along for a ride that has taken some surprising turns. Of course the way I thought it would unfold was shaped by what I read into others’ experiences. It was not necessarily what the writers intended.

Sometimes I misunderstood what others shared because I was not yet at their level of awareness. Sometimes I didn’t have their experience and felt I must be failing or missing something. And sometimes others simply used different words to describe an experience we shared. Often I reached a point where I’d say, “Screw what I’ve read! What has my experience taught me?” For me, experience always trumps concepts. So eventually I did accept that I know nothing. I just have to sit back and let this journey to peace unfold as it will without judging it.

I missed miracles because of my guilt and expectations. In guilt I felt I was always falling short. In guilt I couldn’t see that I was in a process because I was so certain I was somehow wrong or off.  I focused on what I lacked, not the peace, the insights, the everyday and higher miracles, the Revelations that I had experienced. I wasn’t sufficiently grateful for those because they weren’t “enough”. Unconsciously I was afraid that they were all I would experience because I was afraid that they were all I deserved. So even when I came to accept that I was in a process I would still have horrible bouts of resisting this awareness. I wanted peace now, damn it, because unconsciously I was afraid it would never arrive.

Expectations meant I often looked in the wrong place for results. The biggest example of this was my expectation that the ego (personal thought system) would change. Of course it didn’t so I felt a failure. But then peace came to stay and the ego was still in my awareness. That’s when I realized I had been looking in the wrong place for peace. Peace came to me, not to the ego. Of course! The ego isn’t me. Isn’t this what I was learning? Now it seems obvious.

There were so many big and little expectations, some of them not consciously held by me, that have been undone or have fallen away. So I say to you: Read or listen to others’ experiences with interest but not with expectations for yourself. Keep your mind open and let your path unfold. Some experiences you will understand right away. Some you too will experience in time. Some you will never experience. Trust the unfolding of your own unique path from within you. Be with the Holy Spirit (the awareness of Truth in your mind) where you are right now. You are now where you have to be to get where you are going.

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Wednesday, May 13, 2015

The Only Teacher to Follow

A Course in Miracles is a self-study course for inner peace. It is an inward path that does not require you to be involved with other students. It is meant to be studied with the Holy Spirit (awareness of Truth) in your own mind. ACIM is not a passive path. You must have some self-starter qualities to truly benefit from ACIM.  You must have some trust in your own discernment and critical thinking. You must use your own experience and common sense.

When you begin ACIM it can be helpful to study and discuss the practice of ACIM with other students, especially with those who are more experienced. But helpful study and practice with others will reinforce, not replace, your awareness of the Holy Spirit within. Unfortunately I’ve heard of three ACIM groups that are cult-like in their approach to teaching. And I’m sure that they are not the only groups like that out there. These groups ask their members to follow their leader or leaders rather than the Holy Spirit within. And in this process the members give up their power to the leader or leaders of the group. So if you are ever concerned that you could become involved with a cult or cult-like group here is a simple guide to choosing healthy, helpful teachers of ACIM:

A healthy, helpful teacher of ACIM will lead you inward to the Holy Spirit within you. “Holy Spirit” is the label given to the thought system in your mind that is aware of Truth, whether or not you are conscious of It. You can, and must, choose to become conscious of this thought system if you want to remember Truth and be at peace. The Holy Spirit within you is the only Teacher for you to follow if you want true peace. Only It can take you through the unique highways and byways of your mind to Truth. It may lead you to teachers in the world (in person, over the phone, through writing). But these teachers’ job is to reinforce your awareness of the Holy Spirit within you through validation and the undoing of blocks (guilt, fear). If he or she is a true teacher of Truth you will feel in charge of your relationship with them. Even if you want to give them power over you they will never accept it. So:

Do not trust a teacher who says “follow me”. You want teachers who say “follow the Holy Spirit within you” and who help you to do so.

Do not trust anyone who says “my way is the right way and any other way is wrong”. Every path unfolds in its own unique way. Learn to trust the unique unfolding of your own path from within.

Do not trust anyone who says they know what the Holy Spirit wants for you. Only you can hear the Holy Spirit for you.

Do not trust a teacher who uses “should/shouldn’t”, “right/wrong”, or “good/bad” statements about your behavior or thoughts. These increase guilt in your mind. ACIM is a path of undoing guilt so you can release yourself to Truth. What you want are teachers who suggest behaviors and thoughts that undo guilt and fear and increase your peace.

Do not trust a teacher who asks you to change to conform to their standards or to their group. For example, they may ask you to dress a certain way, to speak a certain way, to take a new name, etc. A true teacher of Truth knows that an awareness of Truth leads to transformation from within that shows up not as conformity but as authenticity.

Sometimes people hope that following someone else will be easier. They hope that someone else will do the work that only they can do. If you want peace no one else can hear the Holy Spirit for you or undo your obstacles to peace for you. These are within you. There is no way to peace faster than the process ACIM teaches. It teaches you to go directly to the only Help (Holy Spirit) that works. And it teaches you to deal directly with your obstacles to peace (guilt/fear) where they are, within you. Because it is a short-cut it is intense and not for everyone. But for everyone who wants peace there is a path.

Peace will only come to you when you are willing to feel empowered within. If you find that you are looking for someone to follow, or you are already following someone, then I suggest that you are not yet ready for a true spiritual path. Before you can embark on a true spiritual path you must feel worthy enough to be empowered. You can prepare for a true spiritual path through psychotherapy or other forms of self-help that help you grow your self-worth.

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Wednesday, May 06, 2015

A Spiritual Atheist?

I’ve always had trouble answering the question, “Do you believe in God?” First of all, “believing” to me means “accepting a concept without evidence”. If I have evidence then I know instead of believe. I experience God so I know God. Also, more often than not, when people say “God” they mean a judgmental being with power over them that made the universe of form and that has power over it. They are not referring to the one benign Being that is Reality beyond this seeming-reality and that has nothing to do with this seeming-reality. So I know what they are asking about is not what I experience. I don’t believe in a god as that concept is usually held so I would be an atheist as far as they are concerned.

But of course most atheists would not consider me an atheist. I’m a spiritual teacher for heaven’s sake! But I’ve always respected atheists for their honesty. They do not experience anything beyond this world and they do not pretend that they do. They do not say they “believe” – accept concepts – to fit in or out of fear that there may be something out there judging them. The universe of form runs on certain physical and mathematical laws. And the physical evidence is for some kind of evolution. Physics and evolution are not ideas to “believe in”, either. You either accept what the evidence shows or you do not. I understand atheists accepting facts as they appear. As far as the universe of form goes physics and evolution are the manifest story. I just know that there is Something beyond the universe of form because I have experienced It. This is what would make me not an atheist in the eyes of atheists. If it were not for these experiences I would be an atheist.

I do not confuse with the universe of form the Reality that I have experienced beyond form and Which I prefer to call “Truth” rather than “God”. This is what makes me not religious. Religion spiritualizes the universe of form by giving some aspects of it spiritual relevance. I have spent my life sorting out not-Truth (form) from Truth (Formlessness) so that my mind can transcend not-Truth. I seek to maintain in my awareness the experience that transcends form rather than to spiritualize form. This is what makes me spiritual rather than religious.

There are some who accept what science and math and the physical evidence reveal about the universe of form and also believe that there is an Intelligence, or Mind, that set the physical universe in motion according to physical and mathematical laws. Some of them call this Intelligence “God”. In A Course in Miracles this Intelligence or Mind that made the universe of form would be called the “Son of God”. But beyond the “Son of God” is what ACIM calls “God” – Formless, Infinite Being. So what many consider “God” for students of ACIM is the “Son of God” and “God” is not a god at all to students of ACIM.

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Wednesday, April 29, 2015


Lately I’ve received some questions about the terms “unconscious” and “subconscious”. Students want to know what we are talking about when we talk about unconscious thoughts and beliefs. Unconscious thoughts and beliefs are thoughts and beliefs in your mind but out of your conscious awareness. We refer to them as being in your “subconscious”, or below your level of conscious awareness. You can only hold a limited amount of what is in your mind in your conscious awareness. The rest is in your subconscious.

Some of what is in your mind that you are not conscious of is there through your denial. These are thoughts and beliefs that you find frightening or painful. These include, but are not limited to, memories. Beyond specific memories there are beliefs that you have internalized and find too painful to look at, like the belief in intrinsic guilt, fear of a god outside of you that is going to punish you, unworthiness, the belief that you are “bad”, etc. Some people repress these thoughts more than others. Sometimes you are aware of these thoughts but not always aware of how deep they go in your subconscious and how they drive you. These are your “obstacles to peace”, the “darkness” in your mind that A Course in Miracles says you must bring up to “light”, or conscious awareness, to dispel.

When beliefs are integrated into your way of thinking they end up in your subconscious because there is no reason for you to hold them in your conscious mind. Not all of these are negative beliefs. Even helpful ones eventually end up in your subconscious as they are integrated.

Some thoughts occurring in your mind happen so fast that you are not conscious of them, nor do you need to be. Intuition works this way. Intuition is your mind making unconscious connections and seeing patterns so quickly that it results in you feeling immediately that you know something about someone, something, or an event. Connections (negative, fearful, guilty) made by the ego (personal thought system) may show up intuitively. Your mind may also make neutral intuitive connections that merely make an observation. And helpful communications from the Holy Spirit (awareness of Truth in your mind) may show up intuitively.

Your subconscious is not something outside of you that drives you. Nor is it a mysterious force within you. It only seems mysterious when you do not understand it. But when you understand that you have thoughts and beliefs in your mind of which you are not aware you can choose to become aware of them. When you say that you did something unconsciously it is an explanation, not an excuse, for dysfunctional behavior. You can take responsibility by becoming aware of what is going on in your subconscious so you are not blindly driven by it. You do this by being willing to know what is going on in your own mind. You can say to the Holy Spirit in your mind, “I am willing to see what thoughts I have hidden in my mind that caused this feeling/behavior/attitude.”

You were born into a state of consciousness that denies God (True Being). But Reality cannot be wholly denied. So beyond all of the thoughts and beliefs in your subconscious there is always God, whether or not you are consciously aware of God. Do not underestimate the ego’s (personal thought system’s) resistance to you looking into your subconscious. It is heavily invested in you not learning that God is in your mind. When you look into your mind and learn how it works the ego will be threatened. It will tell you that you will find horrible things if you look within your mind: You will find out how evil you really are. This is how it protects itself from you. But you can only fully take responsibility for yourself when you know what is going on in your mind. And you can only find God by looking into your mind.

You do not have to root out every thought and belief in your subconscious. Just deal with what comes up naturally and what you learn will eventually generalize and undo unhelpful thoughts and beliefs. All feelings are caused by thoughts and beliefs. So if you don’t like how you feel, and you are not consciously aware of the thoughts and beliefs that cause the feeling, willingly ask yourself what beliefs are in your subconscious. I guarantee that they are never so bad that you cannot deal with them. It is only their being hidden, and the ego’s fear of being undone, that makes them seem frightening. They are, in the end, only beliefs, not facts.

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Wednesday, April 22, 2015

A Follow-up to "Death, Reincarnation, and Guilt"

I knew my last article was on a loaded topic: reincarnation. I did receive some positive emails. But I felt that many of the comments on the article at my blogsite, via email, and in discussion with clients missed the central points of the article. This is a common phenomenon! I learned a long time ago that everyone reads through their own filters. But I want to clear up some of the issues that came up in the comments and then I’ll be done with it. When I write an article all I can hope is that the readers read it with the Holy Spirit and get something useful out of it for where they are now in their process, even if it’s not what I intend for them to get.

The point of the article was how the belief in guilt persists through the concept of reincarnation. As long as you believe in guilt the ego (personal thought system in your mind) will provide stories for your guilt, whether they are from this lifetime or from another. As long as you want to go in search of guilt in your mind it will provide stories from this lifetime or another lifetime. When you work out the guilt in your mind you will not be interested in these stories any more. The ego in your mind will still have them. But you won’t attend to them because you will see that they are not true.

Stories of guilt in your mind are not really the source of your guilt. Your belief in guilt gives rise to the stories. The value of looking at these stories is that they bring your belief in guilt to your conscious awareness. This belief takes many forms. But each time as you drill down to the source of guilt you will arrive at the same underlying belief: that there is a power outside and over you (a god) taking your measure and judging you. This, ultimately, is the only belief that you have to undo. It is what holds guilt in place. It is what makes you fear Truth. Eventually you will not be deceived by the many forms guilt takes. Instead when guilt comes up you will go right to undoing your underlying belief in a judgmental god. (My book, Releasing Guilt for Inner Peace, explains all of this in depth).

There are some who believe firmly in reincarnation and I have no doubt that, if they are willing, the Holy Spirit will use that belief in a way that will help them undo guilt now. But there is no reason to despair over the idea of reincarnation. Nor is there any reason to adopt the concept if it fills you with fear or does not make sense to you. The other important point that I made in the last article is that it does not take lifetimes to undo your belief in guilt. It just takes willingness now to look at guilt when it comes up naturally.

Sometimes when you study something like ACIM there are concepts beyond your ability to understand. If you cannot understand Eternity as timelessness or existence without a self then accept that you do not understand Eternity and True Being (God) yet. Understanding will come as you are ready to understand. You don’t have to adopt concepts that scare you or that do not make sense to you in the meantime. It is a more helpful practice to keep your mind open to the Holy Spirit. It will bring you the concepts or experiences that you need to understand. (And, yes, for some it may be reincarnation but not if it scares you or does not make sense to you. If you feel despair you are listening to the ego, not the Holy Spirit!).

The concept of reincarnation was used by the Voice she called “Jesus” to motivate Helen Schucman to be a channel for and scribe of ACIM. When you read about a person’s specific experience with the Holy Spirit (or “Jesus”) what you want to take away is that they were answered, not necessarily what they were answered. The Holy Spirit speaks to your mind and the unique way it works. It meets you where you are in the process. (For more on this: and

For those who have had past life experiences but who are made fearful by the concept of reincarnation I offer you two alternative ways of looking at those experiences. The first is that as each of us in our seeming-individuality are figures in the “dream” of one mind then past life experiences are really just “memories” of other dream figures in that one mind’s dream. In other words, you did not personally live those lives. You are just remembering something in the collective dream. This is why many different people can have past-life experiences of being the same historical person.

The other view is one that comes from my own experience. I, too, have had past life “memories”, three in total, two of them under hypnosis over 20 years ago. Right away I recognized that they were analogies for what I was experiencing at the time. For example, while I was dealing with what I perceived as a painful rejection one of the regressions revealed how in a past life this same person had “stabbed me in the back” and killed me. The “memories” in these regressions seemed to me to be just like a dream I have at night that produces analogies to what I am experiencing awake. They were stories from my subconscious built around my feelings.

Beyond specific stories for guilt the concept of reincarnation reinforces guilt by emphasizing your identification with a self. It can therefore only come from the ego, which is the thought system for you as a self. The concept is an attempt to give an attribute of Reality – immortality – to the ego to make it seem real. For this reason even if the concept is helpful for some temporarily it will eventually fall away when they recognize it as an obstacle to complete peace.

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Wednesday, April 15, 2015

Death, Reincarnation, and Guilt

“In the ultimate sense, reincarnation is impossible. There is no past or future, and the idea of birth into a body has no meaning either once or many times. Reincarnation cannot, then, be true in any real sense. Our only question should be, ‘Is the concept helpful?’” (M-24.1)

The belief in reincarnation is one that bafflingly persists in the A Course in Miracles community. It’s baffling because ACIM states that it cannot be real. And it’s baffling because in the experience of the Holy Instant, the experience central to understanding ACIM, you know that it cannot be real. Yes, ACIM also says it may be a helpful concept if looked at the right way. It goes on to say that if it’s comforting to the believer its helpfulness is obvious. And that you can emphasize the aspect of the concept that leads one to understand that there is more to existence than this passing life. But those are very slim aspects of the concept to find helpful. They could only be temporarily helpful at best.

I have yet to run across a student who looks at the concept of reincarnation in a way that is comforting or helpful. Always they speak of it with guilt and fear. Either they are unhappy and fear having to repeat life in a body. Or they feel that they will never see the end of guilt. How many lifetimes of guilt do they have to undo? How many lifetimes will it take to undo the guilt? How can they stop from making more guilt in this lifetime? Guilt is built into the concept of reincarnation.

One of the most difficult questions for students of ACIM to answer is “What happens to me when I die?” It is difficult to answer because that which asks does not exist! “Eternity”, as ACIM uses the word, is not “endless time” but “timelessness”. Eternity is outside of time. It has no beginning and no ending. It simply is. That Which is eternal within you is not touched by the story that you have for yourself in time. Peace is attained by becoming aware of the Eternal within you and focusing on It as you let go of the story that you have for yourself in time. When you do that you stop having questions about death. That which would be concerned with death has already fallen away from you when you are aware of the Eternal within you.

“Reincarnation would not, under any circumstances, be the problem to be dealt with now. If it were responsible for some of the difficulties the individual faces now, his task would still be only to escape from them now.” (M-24.2)

The trap is the belief that there is something out there in the future to be attained. The Eternal is within you now. You are only unaware of It. Your obstacles to peace are beliefs in your mind now. If you are unhappy now the source of your unhappiness are thoughts and beliefs in your mind now even if they seem to be about the past, of this life or of another life. This is why you can undo them now. If the source of the thoughts truly was in the past then you would not be able to undo them. The source of anything you feel now is a belief in your mind now.

“The ego teaches thus: Death is the end as far as hope of Heaven goes. Yet because you and the ego cannot be separated, and because it cannot conceive of its own death, it will pursue you still, because guilt is eternal. Such is the ego's version of immortality.” (T-15.I.4)

Reincarnation is a very comfortable belief for the ego (personal thought system) because it is the belief that guilt is real. Though students may say that they understand that guilt is not real and that the problem is that believe in it, there is no way to avoid feeling punished as they contemplate an indefinite number of future lifetimes to undo an indefinite number of past lifetimes of the belief in guilt. This is just guilt and punishment in disguise. In fact, all you have to do is deal with the feelings of guilt that come up now. Feelings always reveal your true beliefs. So look at them with the Holy Spirit and undo them. In time you will realize that you always come back to a single core belief – that there is a power over you (a god) that judges you and that you have to live up to. As you correct this illusion again and again in its many forms you will eventually undo it. The ego will always tell you that you are guilty. But you will no longer believe it so the idea will have no power over you. This is something that you can accomplish in this lifetime.

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