The Allegory of Avery Wan and the Sun

Avery Wan lived in a dark room, only she didn’t know it was a dark room. It was all she knew, so she thought it was what existence was. One day Avery noticed that there was something in the room that had always been there, but that she only now saw was not the same as the as-yet-unlabeled darkness. How could she not have noticed there were two where she thought there was one? No matter. Now she knew. She labeled what she was used to “darkness” and this newly-in-her-conscious-awareness presence “light”. Because it was new to her awareness, she was drawn to look at the light. She was happy to feel she knew something more about existence. The more she looked at the light, the more distinct it became from the darkness, and the more she was baffled that she hadn’t seen this before. It’s so obvious! What’s more, she found the light to be more appealing than the darkness. She suspected that the light had helped her tolerate the darkness all along. So she lived for a while happily aware tha…

The Grand Tour of Fear

Sometimes I hope there is some reason for the journey through fear I have taken these past two years since I rose in consciousness. I have seen fear up close and intimately; raw, unmasked, and unmodified. But then I see that it is just as insignificant as the experience of existence (ego) that is gone for me and when it is over I will not give it any thought. This is just the way this split mind comes to an end. Everything A Course in Miracles says about the ego I have visited, experientially, not as just a concept. I have been through the fear of death and I’ve been through death. (Not of the body, obviously, which is irrelevant.) A much worse experience was fear of nonexistence. Because, as the Course points out, at least death “proves” there had been a life. Nothing terrifies the ego more than the idea that it doesn’t exist. Because it doesn’t. And I’ve seen that, too. When I reached the furthest edge of fear of nonexistence I had only one place to go if I didn’t pull back: Insan…

Understanding the Ego Backlash

When I was first a student of A Course in Miracles I noticed a pattern: Whenever I had a positive spiritual experience, anything from a significant insight all the way up to a higher miracle, I would then have a “backlash” from the ego. This showed up as fears, attacks on me, attacks on others, obsessing angrily on a social or political issue, etc. The initial backlash seemed to be in direct proportion to the strength of the spiritual experience. But, for a long while, even one simple insight could lead to weeks of backlash. Eventually I noticed the pattern and came to accept that the backlash would happen. Simply recognizing the pattern helped mitigate it. In time I learned to not resist at all, because that seemed to lengthen and strengthen it. This shortened the duration and intensity of the backlash considerably. When I started teaching and coaching Course students I discovered I was not alone. In fact, this pendulum swing is a universal experience—and one of the more uncomfortab…

The Christ in You

Sorry to have inundated you with emails lately, but I find I am going in a new direction and I wanted to share a new service—joining in Christ (the part of each of us that is Part of God)—and offer a discount for mentoring/life-coaching during this unusual time when we hunker down during the COVID-19 pandemic. (I’ve also lowered my fee in general. Check out my new streamlined website, And here I send you the first of a new newsletter/blog, The Christ in You. When I ended the ACIM Mentor Articles a few weeks ago I felt it difficult to continue teaching in a way that was meant to be “corrective”. By this I mean, looking out at a world I thought needed adjusting. I still found it natural to teach one-on-one in a mentoring/life-coaching session with the handful of clients who still remain, but I found writing articles to be a strain except where I shared my process. My point of view shifted with my shift in consciousness, about which most of you know if you read my a…

Joining in Christ Sessions

“Christ is the link that keeps you one with God, and guarantees that separation is no more than an illusion of despair, for hope forever will abide in Him. Your mind is part of His, and His of yours.”
—A Course in Miracles (W-pII.6.2)

“(Christ) is the Self we share, uniting us with one another, and with God as well.”
—A Course in Miracles (W-pII.6.1)

I live now in the awareness that I am Christ—and so are you. I wish to use the power of my awareness to strengthen your awareness of Christ in you. So I offer joining sessions at $1 US per minute from 10 to 30 minutes.
How this works:
·Email me to set up a time for joining. or 702-742-5305.
·You call me on the phone or Skype or Facetime or another platform over the internet.
·If you have something on your mind you wish to share you may do so for a few minutes. This is not a life-coaching session so there will be no discussion. Then I will ask you to put that and any other concerns aside while we join.
·We close our eyes and …

How can I support you?

Dear Readers and Clients:

At least through April I am offering mentoring/life-coaching at reduced rates for those who need a break during this unusual time. My usual fee is $50 US for a half-hour and $85 US for an hour. Whether you are a regular, returning, or new client, if you cannot meet these fees at this time you can pay what you can afford.

(For those in Australia and Canada I now bill through PayPal in your currency).

If you have been considering mentoring/life-coaching from the perspective of A Course in Miracles but have not got around to it, now is the time to take advantage of  your enforced free time and my offer of reduced fees!

Also consider more creative ways of meeting with me, as in with a friend or two with whom you can divide my fee for an hour. We can study and/or discuss the Course. We will meet on Skype or Facetime or some other platform that allows for more than two to meet.

I am not actively writing ACIM Mentor Articles at this time but I will accept questions for t…

From Death to Life

Years ago I discovered something about the ego: What it told me to fear was what it secretly desired for me. Is there some disaster you are projecting in your life now? Maybe you are afraid you will lose someone or something, like a job. Maybe you fear for a loved one who is in trouble or sick. Maybe you have financial concerns. Maybe your life and your loved ones are settled for now, yet you still catastrophize over something, perhaps your country’s direction or the planet as a whole. Whatever it is, the ego hopes the disaster you fear will come to pass. Fear is really a wish. And nowhere is this more clear than with the idea of death. It is the ego’s ultimate goal for you. I have faced this lately as I have come to experience my immortality. For the past couple of years, since I became aware the ego has been gone for a while, a part of me has grieved over my “death”. “This means I’m dead” is what I heard at first. The bulk of the grief passed a few months ago after a momen…