Ask: What does the Course mean by "ideas leave not their source"?

“…What does the Course mean when it says: ideas leave not their source? I just can’t seem to get a true understanding of that.” LDP
“Ideas leave not their source, and their effects but seem to be apart from them. Ideas are of the mind. What is projected out, and seems to be external to the mind, is not outside at all, but an effect of what is in, and has not left its source.” (T-26.VII.4)
“There is no world apart from your ideas because ideas leave not their source, and you maintain the world within your mind in thought.” (W-132.10)
Your experience of peace or conflict is the effect of thoughts (beliefs) in your mind. You may project the source of your experience outward and feel that someone or something else has caused your experience, but that does not make it so. Your “world” (experience) has its source in your thoughts (beliefs, perceptions), which never actually leave you when you deny them by projecting them away.
For example, let’s say a friend has treated you in a way that you …

Ask: Why doesn't Truth hold our attention?

“Aldous Huxley wrote ‘Distraction is the original sin of the mind’. Distraction appears to be the ego’s most valued weapon in the world with a vast arsenal and growing steadily. So then it seems that it’s what you give your attention to that will determine the level of inner peace or chaos in your experience in the world. This Distraction/Attention dynamic seems to me to be at the core of Truth/not Truth discovery within. While in this dualistic drama not-Truth claims easy victories distracting personal selves through attention and distraction, Truth on the other hand stands silently and waits for our mighty power of attention to turn towards it. It’s as if Truth knows you will ultimately come back to it. The sound and fury of the ego has no effect on it but it does on you. Why doesn’t Truth pull our attention?” – E St. A
Make no mistake: Not-Truth (including the ego/personal thought system) has no power over you. You empower it by valuing it. Truth doesn’t hold your attention because …

Life As Spirit (so far)

Whenever I express to others a dramatic shift in my experience I am asked to describe how life is different from the way it was before the shift. Of course I have been asked this since I have shared with others that this mind has attained the ongoing awareness that I am Spirit.
Life goes on as usual for the self (body/personality) on the outside. Well, as usual for living in the countryside in south Western Australia, which is wholly unlike the life I lived in a desert city in the southwestern US just a few weeks ago! But I mean the self appears as usual like a person, doing what people normally do every day, and I am experienced as a person by others.
The dramatic difference is within. I live so wholly in the moment. I call this experience Hereness. (It could also be called the “Spaciousness” I have referred to before. Or just being wholly present, centered, or in Presence). I am like an island in the stream of time, around which time flows. I am often staring out windows or sitting…

The Fact of Spirit

It is not appropriate to exalt or to worship Spirit or anyone who has attained the awareness of Spirit. Of course, when you identify with the self and ego (personal thought system), Spirit seems “other”. It can seem remote, mysterious, and/or magical. It is none of these things. It is What is Real in you, It is always right here and available, and It is miraculous, meaning It is simply True. It is the ego that tells you to exalt and worship Spirit to make Spirit seem foreign, exotic, and unobtainable. And to diminish you.

A couple of months ago I experienced myself as Spirit for the first time. I was actually crouched down cleaning the shower door in my former house when it occurred. I don’t remember what I was thinking before the experience. But suddenly I knew I have no beginning and no end. I am Invulnerable; I am Immortal. I am Spirit.
Even when I act as a person, I am Spirit.
I have had many higher miracles that have shown me the Truth is true or that illusion is illusion or both…

Ask: Can you interpret "all things work together for good"?

“Please interpret this phrase from the text 4:V:1: ‘All things work together for good. There are no exceptions except in the ego's judgment.’ In the ego-world/battlefield it hardly seems possible that ‘all things works together for good’. I can understand that on a metaphysical level it is possible; however, the world we see with the body’s eyes is a battlefield.” – K.A.
The world you see is always an interpretation. You see forms moving about and decide what they mean. In fact, a practice I learned was to sort out fact from my projection of meaning. For example, let’s say you see John shoot George. The facts is one body shot the other body. But, depending on the context, you may interpret that as good or bad. If it is during war and John is on your side and George is the enemy, you will probably see it as good. Or, if George is someone you judge as a “bad guy” you may also see it as good. Maybe John shot George in self-defense and you think it’s regrettable, but justified. Or you …

Ask: Do we receive abstract answers to linear problems from the Holy Spirit?

I have been staying Present a lot more, but recently saw myself bringing a problem in the illusion to the Truth to resolve rather than the Truth to illusion.
Do the answers we receive from HS come in the world abstract for a linear problem? Is that how we can recognize it? Or how can we recognize HS’s answer for an action we need solved?” – MR
In fact, you want to bring illusions to Truth rather than Truth to the illusion! To bring illusions to Truth is to correct the illusion. To attempt to bring Truth to the illusion is an attempt to “spiritualize” illusion—to make illusion Truth-like.
“You have been told to ask the Holy Spirit for the answer to any specific problem, and that you will receive a specific answer if such is your need. You have also been told that there is only one problem and one answer. In prayer this is not contradictory. There are decisions to make here, and they must be made whether they be illusions or not. You cannot be asked to accept answers which are beyond the…

The Undoing Unfolds Through You

I’ve spent my entire adult life looking into this mind, so it was rather startling when things happened in it that I did not expect. How could I have missed that the self’s life was going to radically change?
Looking back now I see shifts that occurred in this mind regarding the self (body/personality) that seem to have been preparation for this major shift. And I also see I missed them because I was not living through the self. I felt and watched the shifts, but I also let them go because I wasn’t living there anymore.
I’ve written that in the four years between the ego (personal thought system) falling away and my acknowledging it, I experienced the Awareness of Truth (Holy Spirit) and therefore peace, but also a barren place in my mind. There was also a thread of pain that accompanied the barren feeling which grew as time went on. I now understand that the barren experience was the missing ego. It was what told me to identify with the self. Without it, I was simply experiencing th…