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Ask: How do I balance spiritual practice with the other parts of my life?

My goal is to fully awaken to the truth and reality of who I AM. I have confusion in balancing my time and energy spent in meditating, reading and being alone in the peace of the Spirit with work and enjoying outside life activities. I have an enjoyable job but would like more income to have more choices. I have good ideas for added income but do not want to be distracted from my Spiritual journey or peace within but want to live life to its fullest. – EB
Your statement that you “want to live life to its fullest” indicates that you have conflicting goals. You do want Truth (God) but you also still want to have a full personal life. But you cannot be invested in a personal life and transcend it (be aware of Truth) at the same time. This conflict is why you are confused and having a hard time finding balance. However, you do not have to deny or fight against your personal goals and desires. They are only obstacles to your being aware of Truth when you see them as ends in themselves. You c…

Forgiveness Comes Wholesale, revisited

From the book, The ACIM Mentor Articles, October 16, 2007:

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Ask: Can you explain Lesson 253?

I have a real problem understanding the phrasing of Lesson 253 – “My Self is ruler of the universe”.   Maybe it’s the language; but even instinctively I am confused. “You are the Self Whom You created Son.”  Can you explain that a little more clearly? It sends my mind into a spin... – MD-T
            Maybe you would understand it better replacing the word “Self” with the word “Being”: “My Being is ruler of the universe” and “You are the Being Whom You created Son.” When the word “self” is capitalized in A Course in Miracles it is referring to the one, limitless Being (God) that is rather than to the limited personal self, or ego, with which you are used to identifying. The lesson reminds you that God is your True Being, not a power over you. There is no power over you.             Perhaps some of your confusion comes from the use of the word “create”, which we typically use to mean “to bring into being”. In the Course the word “create” means “to extend”. So God “creates” by extending…

4HIP: The Enlightened Mind

From 4 Habits for Inner Peace, Part IV.3.c:
Enlightenment is the label given to an inner awareness of Truth. The True thought system in your mind is aware of Truth, so it is enlightened. The personal thought system, which is not-Truth, can never be aware of Truth. It can never become enlightened. When you are attached to it, it functions as an obstacle to your awareness that you already have enlightenment. So you do not have to seek for enlightenment. You only have to release the personal thought system and the Enlightened Mind will be all that is left in your awareness.             Truth is Universal, not personal or individual. So there is no such thing as “personal enlightenment” or an “enlightened person”. When your seemingly-individual mind is aware of Truth it transcends the personal and individual in the awareness that Truth is All. Then the boundary of “individual” drops away from your awareness. This applies not only to yourself but for seeming-others as well. When you are awa…