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Nothing to Judge in the Unfolding

A couple of weeks ago I wrote how I (this mind) could not have accepted that the self’s life in the world is an expression until I no longer believed in guilt. Why, I wondered? I do speak to students who hear that the self’s life is not a cause for a future effect, but an expression of an idea long since over. And they feel immediately released from guilt and from the pressure of having to make something happen. But before I stopped believing in guilt I could not access that relief because I could not understand, much less accept, the idea. Why did I need guilt removed first?
It was because the idea meant I was not in control. And if I was not in control, I could do nothing to mitigate my guilt and that meant I could be subject to horrific punishment for it. In other words, I could not accept the forgiveness offered in the idea because guilt was too real to me. This was all unconscious, of course. It showed up as my being unable to understand the idea. It simply made no sense to me.

The Vision of Forgiveness

“Be comforted, and feel the Holy Spirit watching over you in love and perfect confidence in what He sees.” (T-20.V.8)
Once upon a time when I read a quote like this in A Course in Miracles I could accept the love but I had a hard time with the “perfect confidence”. I realized it was saying that the Holy Spirit had confidence in me as the “Son of God” not as a person. In other words, the Holy Spirit had perfect confidence in the Truth in me not in the self (body/personality/ego). My initial response, when I was still very identified with a self, was, “What the hell good is that to me?” I felt rejected as I thought I was, even though intellectually I got that the problem was that I didn’t know the Truth in me.
Eventually, though, I got past being almost wholly identified with a self and became aware of the Truth in me and could take some comfort from a phrase like this. It was okay that the Holy Spirit’s confidence was not in the thing in which I identified. I was aware of and identifie…

Ask: What changed the first time you experienced a Revelation?

“Over the years I have noticed that spiritual teachers over the centuries who have had a direct experience, revelation, unity are different than those who have not. There are very good Teachers who have not experienced this direct unitive revelation. To intellectualize a spiritual teaching like ACIM is very easy to do. Helen was a prime example, yet you can tell when reading the Text and from some of your works that the words are coming from a place beyond the intellect. I think the Workbook is perhaps where that transcendence is attempted. However there are many cases where it randomly occurs naturally, drug induced or a near death experience. What changed the first time it happened to you? Did your writing change?” – ES
Everything changed the first time I experienced direct Revelation (an experience of only Truth). It was shattering. I could never be the same after It, though I tried to forget It. I went into a kind of shock. It was a few months before I could acknowledge It happene…