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Ask: Can you help me understand Separation and the solution to it?

Can you help me understand Separation, and the solution to it as the only problem humans have?... –PM
            God, or Reality, is formless, limitless Being. As a self in a body in a world you seem to experience a different reality. This experience of lack, limitation, and loss is obviously the opposite of God. So you seem to be “separate from God”. Your belief in this other reality is your only problem because if you did not believe in it you would not experience lack, limitation, and loss in its many forms.             The “Atonement” is the solution to this problem. As ACIM uses the word, “Atonement” means correction of your perception that separation from God is real. This is accomplished through you becoming aware of God within you. When you are aware of God within you, you know that you have Everything. You no longer believe in the reality of lack, limitation, and loss that the personal self seems to experience.
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Ask: I judge my judgmental friend. What is going on here?

I have been a student of ACIM for about 5 years, being brought to it by someone who has been studying it for 30 years and who considers himself to be a great expert in it.   The trouble is he is a difficult personality who sometimes becomes very judgmental of people and situations.  I think someone who is so into the Course should not be like this and I point this out, in what I consider to be a calm and loving way.   He, however, hates any criticism and gets very angry with me and accuses me of judging him, whereupon I point out (rather less calmly!) that he is judging me ... and so it goes on with us both getting very angry and shouting at one another.  What's going on here? –Anonymous
            What is going on is two egos (personal thought systems) battling for who is going to be “right” in the mistaken belief that being right will undo guilt. Your friend’s judgments on others are his ideas of what is right. You judge him as wrong and you think that however you think he “sho…

Ask: Where is my rudder in this ocean of thoughts?

Over many years now I have experienced the light through the Course, with intervals of seeming to fall back into darkness… To remember the warmth and Great Love from God that is in me when I write about it seems to vague out when my thoughts change back to human thoughts…It is also like living through the mirror into Alice in Wonderland’s chessboard. In these multiple sets of realities I seem to be experiencing I find it very difficult if not impossible to live as a real self let alone Self. The moment I write this Help is there, and comfort pours into me, but I seem to be so impatient for the Great Love I have known again and again and want to be in constantly. But I keep on living in a body and the cycle returns again and again…Where is my rudder in this ocean of thoughts… -T
            You are describing the typical vacillations of a serious student of A Course in Miracles or any other teaching that leads to an awareness of God (Truth). You are experiencing both parts of your mind…

Ask: What is a day like for you, Liz?

…Liz, I would like to know what a current day is like in the mind of an Advanced Teacher of God. Specially, I'd like to know spiritually what a whole day is like for you from waking to bedtime…some real life situations as to what you do in your mind relative to practicing ACIM with everyday practical situations. What is your waking hour like in terms of meditation or prayer? How do you deal with life situations that arise during the day like finding out your water is off due to a pipe in the street bursting, like what words do you say to the Holy Spirit relative to frustration? You see someone on TV who is in your eyes stunningly beautiful. Do you laugh with the Holy Spirit knowing it's just an erroneous belief in the ego? What words to think in your mind and can you allow yourself to continue to watch without any serious investment as to that attractive person being "salvation"? I think I'm struggling to understand the daily practical application as to exactly h…