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Ask: Can you explain the "fear of release"?

In the process of reading the ACIM Text a second time, the following stumps me a second time: 
Chapter 2.V.1 "Before miracle workers are ready to undertake their function in this world, it is essential that they fully understand the fear of release. Otherwise they may unwittingly foster the belief that release is imprisonment, a belief that is already very prevalent."… - MS

            The passage you quoted is where A Course in Miracles first discusses physical healing specifically, though what is teaches can be generalized to all forms of healing. Here is roughly the same passage from my book The Message of A Course in Miracles: A Translation of the Text in Plain Language:

“Before you can accept physical healing as an extension of God’s Love it is important that you understand your fear of release from your identification with a personal self. If you do not understand this fear you will teach yourself that release from the personal self is loss…”
You can only be truly fre…

Ask: Is there some way to speed up knowing that only God is real?

“…I'd like to know more about the experience that only God is real. Are there any references to this experience in any of the 5 Course books/supplements? Do we have any way to speed up experiencing only God as real? Does this experience grow and mature, is it permanent once experienced initially or does it come and go in our mind? Tell us what you can about this please.” - JK
            There are many descriptions throughout the books of A Course in Miracles of the experience that you have when you know that only God (Truth) is real. Here’s one that is characteristic of them:
In Him you have no cares and no concerns, no burdens, no anxiety, no pain, no fear of future and no past regrets. In timelessness you rest, while time goes by without its touch upon you, for your rest can never change in any way at all. (W-109.5)
The means for “speeding up” your awareness that only God is real is what the Course calls the “holy instant”. The holy instant is any moment that you choose to turn …

Ask: Does the ego always respond emotionally and the Holy Spirit rationally?

Is it safe to say that the ego always responds emotionally and the Holy Spirit always responds rationally?             The Holy Spirit (Teacher of Truth in your mind) does always respond rationally. But the ego (personal thought system in your mind) can be either emotional or rational. Its initial response to anything is emotional. This is how you can recognize it. But it may revert to rational thought quickly to repress or deny. When you are rational you can tell which thought system you are using by the results. The Holy Spirit uses rational thought to set you free from limitations, guilt, and/or fear. You feel love and liberation when you come from the Holy Spirit in your mind. The personal thought system uses rational thought to deny or to repress guilt and fear. You continue to feel bound and fearful when you come from the ego.             For example, a new student of A Course in Miracles reads in it that the personal experience is not real. The ego in their mind tells them that…

Ask: What does it mean to look at things with the Holy Spirit?

“What does it mean to look at things with Holy Spirit.  What are we actually doing?  You wrote an answer to a person who spoke about being lied to and you said to look at it with Holy Spirit.  How does one do that?  And when we invite Holy Spirit to look at things with us....what are we actually asking for and what is the experience?” – K

            The Holy Spirit (Teacher of Truth) comes from God (Truth) in your mind. It is the thought system in your mind that is aware that only God (Truth) is real. It comes into your awareness to replace the ego (personal thought system) when you decide that you want to return your mind to an awareness of God. It knows that only God is real but it knows that you think that you are a personal self in a body in a world. So it meets you where you think you are, serving as a bridge over Which you can cross to full awareness that only God within you is real.
            You call on the Holy Spirit when you are willing to put aside the ego’s percept…