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Ask: Does someone who does not "awaken" still go back to God when they die?

What happens to someone who dies before they “awaken” or are aware of Truth? Do they still go back to God?
            No. But someone who has become aware of Truth (God) also does not return to Truth upon death. The self does not come from Truth and can never be a part of Truth. It is only a mistaken idea in your mind now.             The Truth is already in your mind, whole and complete. It has no beginning and no ending. It is ongoing and untouched by the story of a self that you have in your mind. You do not have to wait for the self to die to be aware of Truth. Right now you can put aside the idea of a self and be aware of Truth and be at peace. It is your belief in the self as reality that blocks your awareness of Truth now.             Only the Truth in any mind is real and eternal. Everything else passes away.  Some selves will choose to be aware of Truth and be at peace. Others will not make this choice and will stay in conflict. But the Truth is untouched either way. It is o…

Ask: Where in the Course does it use the lower-case "s" on son?

Where in ACIM does it use the lower case “s” on “son of God”? (November 30, 2012)
[This question refers to this paragraph from my last article: “But within the thought-of-the-opposite-of-God there is an emptiness which is filled by a universe of form, or the opposite-of-God made manifest. The part of God’s mind where this thought seems to occur the Course calls the “son of God” (lower case “s” on “son”). It cannot leave God so it is split between God and not-God. This split mind projects billions of versions of itself into the universe of form (individual minds in bodies). For the seemingly-individual split mind the Course refers to the projection of not-God as “ego” and to the awareness of God as “Christ” (or “Son of God”; upper-case “s” on “son”).]. Well, gosh, golly, darn…I could swear…But doing a search on my A Course in Miracles CD I cannot find an instance where the lower-case “s” is used for “Son of God”! Oops! And not only did I read the Course several times over many years I …

Ask: Does the universe of form we perceive exist only in the ego's mind?

In the lesson 'What is Creation?' the following passage answers the question: "Creation is the sum of all God's Thoughts, in number infinite and everywhere without limit. Only Love creates and only like Itself." I suddenly found today that I could not see how this fitted with the idea that all form (creation) is the sum of God's thoughts, if it is also illusory. Does the Universe we perceive exist only in the ego's mind - or is it the result of God's Thought? – MD-T 
A Course in Miracles redefines the word “Creation” to refer to the Extension of God’s formless Being rather than to the universe of form, as the word is commonly used. When it speaks of “you” being God’s “Creation” it is referring to your True Being in God, not to the forms (body/personality) with which you mistakenly identify. You experience God’s boundless Creation – your True Being – not in form but within your mind. You “create” like God when God’s Being extends through your True Mind. …

Ask: Since the world isn't real is there a basis for compassion?

Since the world is not real and all that we are experiencing is an illusion is there a basis for compassion? (November 16, 2012)
            Actually, true compassion arises naturally and spontaneously only when you are aware that the world is not real and that the personal experience is an illusion. True compassion is an effect of true forgiveness.             The experience of Truth (God) is wholeness. It is boundless love, peace, and happiness. Any other experience is not-True (illusion). So all pain is caused by a lack of awareness that the Truth is in you and that you have everything in Truth.             The personal thought system’s (ego’s) version of compassion is to reinforce in your mind the idea that lack and pain are real. It has you join with another in their pain. You hurt with them and/or for them. This version of compassion carries a lot of weight and baggage with it. You experience suffering, sacrifice, and reinforced feelings of victimhood and powerlessness. To offse…

Ask: Don't I need an ego to live in the world?

Don’t I need an ego to live in the world? If not how do I go to work, take care of my family, etc.? (November 9, 2012)
            No, because the body, personality, and unfolding “life” of the personal self are neutral projections. They don’t have any meaning in themselves. They manifest either the personal thought system (ego) or your True thought system (Holy Spirit). The choice of thought system is yours to make. Either way the personal self eats, sleeps, goes to work, raises kids, makes love, plays, relates to others, etc. Your choice of thought system determines your internal experience of either conflict (personal) or peace (Truth). And because personal values, choices, and behaviors (effects) always follow from thoughts (their cause) the personal self’s life unfolds harmoniously when you choose the thought system of peace. This is how you can tell which thought system you are choosing: When you to identify as a personal self your mind is not in its natural state. So you exper…