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Ask: Can you address the discrepancy between daytime "dreaming" and nighttime dreaming?

“…I was wondering if you could address in one of your articles the seeming discrepancy between our daytime 'dreaming' in which we more and more frequently turn to Jesus or the HS to help us remember Truth and our nighttime dreams in which (in my case anyway) it is as if the Course never entered my life.  This has puzzled me for a while...” - LG
            This seems to be common among A Course in Miracles students, although some students do tell me they call on the Holy Spirit or Jesus in their dreams. For myself, it is very rare that my spirituality comes into my dreams at night, at least as far as I remember.             Dreaming at night is really just our mind’s way of blowing off steam. For some it seems to be more of an avenue to self-awareness than for others. For myself, some dreams have been significant and I recognize that right away on waking. Other than that I usually only pay attention to them when I recognize a reoccurring theme. Then I know something in my mind…

My Computer Crashed

I made a mistake. I had been backing up my computer every sixth months. The last time was January 15 so I was coming due to do it again. But my computer crashed June 17! Obviously I have not been backing up often enough. Painful lesson learned. Such is life in the imperfect universe of form.
My IT department (my beloved techno-savvy wife, Courtney) has used a recovery program but it looks like much of what I’ve done in the past 5 months has been corrupted and is lost. I’m still sorting it all out (very tedious) but I’ve already found some significant losses. I’ve lost my journal for the past 5 months. And I lost my articles. I can rebuild what has been published from my blogsite but I lost articles I had written to be put out in the next few weeks. Hopefully I will be inspired in the coming weeks!
This week’s article was supposed to be an answer to a question a reader had about dreams. Dear Reader, if you still have your question and my response please email it to me at Liz@acimmentor.c…

Ask: What does ACIM say about visualization and wanting things in the world?

“…I want to ask you as an ACIM student, a new one, what is the perspective of the Course about the technique of visualization, very used in New Age books like a means for getting what we want. And what is the perspective of the Course about wanting something like a successful career, money, financial freedom, fitness goals, academic goals, etc. Are they bad? Is it inappropriate to wish them and go for them?...” FG             A Course in Miracles teaches that lasting peace and happiness comes only from an awareness of Truth (what it calls “God”) within you. Using techniques of any kind to manifest what you want in the world to make yourself feel whole, happy, secure, at peace, etc. is a misuse of the mind. This misuse is misguided, not “wrong” or “bad”. It comes from the mistaken belief that you need something outside of you to feel whole.
            ACIM also recognizes that you are not yet in touch with your inherent wholeness in Truth. So it teaches you to use your goals in the wor…

More on A Different Approach to the Body

Last week’s article, “A Different Approach to the Body”, resulted in a wave of comments and questions at my blogsite and in my email. The central point of the article was to give an example of how one should be led from within rather than from a teaching in the world. However, the comments and questions I received were largely about the example rather than the central idea. Here I will attempt to clear up some points that seemed to confuse some students:
First, I did not mean to imply that the different approach to the body to which I was led by the Holy Spirit (the awareness of Truth within me) was wholly out of line with what A Course in Miracles teaches. Some sent me quotes from ACIM that were in line with what I teach. However, if I stopped with those passages from ACIM I’d be disregarding significant portions of what else ACIM teaches. So, yes, much of what I teach about the body is in line with ACIM. But I’ve also been led away from its core teachings about the body. ACIM puts …