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Everything is Mind

My last blog about extending God’s Love has brought up some questions about the mind and healing the mind.

Everything is mind. In the world, it seems as though you are a body with a mind of your own. The mind is supposed to exist in the brain. All of this diminishes the importance of the mind because the ego does not want you to know that everything is mind. If you accept this then you can change your mind about the ego.

So, the world teaches that your mind is housed in a brain in a body in a world. But actually, the brain, the body and the world all exist in your mind. The separation is not just your belief that your mind is separate from God’s Mind, but also that you are separate from the world and everything the body sees. The first step in healing is accepting that God is within your mind. But that’s only a beginning to undoing the separation. You also have to take back the part of your mind that you have projected onto the world. You cannot return to the Oneness of God’s Mind with…

"Extending" God's Love

What does A Course in Miracles mean by “extending”? Notice that this word is contrasted to “projecting”. It is the Law of Mind that mind always sees itself. The ego uses projection to deny this by making it seem as though what you are thinking is caused by something outside of you. For example, “Joe makes me angry” projects blame for the fearful thoughts you are having onto Joe. “Extending” is the true way the Law of Mind works. Your thoughts do not leave your mind. Think of extending your hand for someone to shake. Your arm does not leave your body and by extending your arm you are stretching yourself outward. When you extend God’s Love, you first feel it within, and then you stretch it out -- extend it -- in your awareness by looking at It instead of at the ego’s projections on the world.

God extends only God and in God you only extend God. This is another way of saying “God is One.” God’s Extension (you) is God’s “Creation” and your Extension of God is your “Creation”. Again, God is…

The Holy Spirit is the Holy Relationship

One of the areas where students of A Course in Miracles get particularly strapped up is with the Course’s references to relationships. Jesus was speaking to all of us through Helen, but He was also speaking quite specifically to Helen and Bill. For Helen, all those references to “brother” meant Bill specifically and the lessons must be generalized for the rest of us. Helen and Bill were in the unique position of being at the exact same place spiritually and they were both willing to consciously recognize this and to learn from it. These holy relationships are rare, as the Course tells us (M-3.5) and most students do not seem to have the opportunity to experience the holy relationship the way Helen and Bill did. But even if you do have the opportunity to experience the holy relationship with someone who is spiritually ready to experience it when you are, it takes great, conscious willingness to go ride out the threatened ego’s terror. One or both of you may break it off because of the …