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A Happy Personality Does Not Signal Peace

Sometimes I get comments from students of A Course in Miracles students along these lines: “I have a friend who is always happy and peaceful even though they aren’t spiritual”; “Here I am miserable on this path and I look around at all these people who are content with their lives without working a spiritual path.”
Some people just have happy personalities. I used to clean the house of a woman who had such an upbeat disposition that as a child she was given the nickname “Sunny”. But I was in her home and saw that she was just like everyone else with her concerns and worries and judgments, etc. Her sunny disposition was genuine for her personality but it was a superficial trait. She was really no happier than anyone else.
A friend of my wife had a large personality that seemed to fill the room when she entered it. She was funny and bubbly and chipper. Her upbeat personality was not a mask; it was genuine. But those close to her also knew of the darkness within her mind. A year ago she…

Ask: Does each animal experience consciousness?

“What I've been wanting to know about is if we can say definitively whether each animal is experiencing consciousness, and does Jesus say definitively or can we say with certainty whether they suffer or do not suffer? And if each animal can experience its reference point in consciousness, does each one need to have enough lifetimes and/or humans praying for them (since it doesn’t seem they are able to pray themselves) to receive enough prayers so that their next reboot will be as a human so they can discover The Course?” – M
I am not aware of anywhere that Jesus says anything about animals in the context of consciousness. But I’m not too familiar with the Bible so there could be something in there about which I do not know.
The understanding to which I have been led (and have come to see for myself) is that the entire universe of form, including all animals and plants, is the projection of one split mind (the “Son of God” in A Course in Miracles). The split mind projects itself on…

Ask: What is your experience with synchronicity?

“What is your experience with synchronicity?  Have you found meaningful synchronicities occur between your outer and inner experiences as your awareness of Truth has deepened?  Would you have called meeting E and experiencing a Holy Relationship such a synchronicity because you were ready for that Vision at the time?  And do you think that she left your company because you needed that particular trial as well, in order to deepen your understanding?” - OT
This mind has observed that the quieter and slower it has become the more it sees connections, coincidences, patterns, and relationships that are all around at the level of form. Some refer to these connections, coincidences, patterns, and relationships as “synchronicity”. This mind does not see any special meaning in them. It is natural to see them given the interconnectedness of things at the level of form. This mind seeing them also has no meaning. Seeing them is simply the natural result of a quieter, slower mind that is more mind…

Ask: What can I do about my frustration with those who are stuck?

“As my awareness of truth grows, I see aspects of my behavior, attitudes etc. in terms of correctable mistakes rather than crimes against humanity. The boogey man becomes smaller and smaller. This of course is a removal of an obstacle to peace. The problem that arises however, is my frustration with those around me who - out of fear - are so dug in to their stuff - unable and unwilling to budge. This results in a feeling of hopelessness, of helplessness, a "missing piece", a lie that must be tolerated. My options are to reject these friends totally; grin and bear it; knock some sense into them; or what? There's gotta be a better way.” – Anonymous
On the surface the fact that you no longer see your mistakes as “sins” would seem like a good thing. However, you still see “sins” or you would not be bothered by others. You still project guilt so you still believe that you are guilty. Your shift from seeing “sins” to seeing mistakes is merely a superficial intellectual shift.