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The Hybrid Mind

Last week I wrote about an experience of the Light of Love coming into my mind and the product, a lesbian romance novel, which came about because of it ( (The “Light of Love” can also be called the Vision of the Holy Spirit, the Vision of the Holy Relationship, Spiritual Vision, the Real World, True Perception, etc.) There was also a great deal of personal psychological processing that occurred when it began. I noted that the novel was not “channeled”, though it “rode in”, on the Light. So where did it come from?
It came from what I call the “hybrid-mind”. This is a blend of this split-mind and the universal split-mind. Both of these contain the awareness of Truth. To explain:
This split-mind is a singular expression of the universal split-mind. The Truth in this split-mind is universal. But not-Truth in this split-mind is unique. Not-Truth is this particular personal thought system (ego) and the personal…

An Interesting Thing Happened This Summer

An interesting thing happened in this mind this summer. But first, some background:
As many of you know, I have published five books and written many articles, all non-fiction, all with spiritual themes. But my writing began with fiction at the age of ten. All my life I have devised plots in my mind, inspired by any number of things. It’s just the way this mind often occupied itself.
I finished two novels, one in my early twenties and one in my early thirties. Both were love stories. The first was heterosexual. The second, more authentically for me, was between two women. Though both were submitted to publishers, neither was published. I did not consider myself very good at writing fiction, though I loved the process. Eventually, fiction writing fell away naturally, though my mind continued to produce plots and characters.
My non-fiction, spiritual writing began in my early forties, as my blog. I have not stopped writing spiritual themed books and articles since (I am fifty-four). Th…

Ask: Are your ACIM Mentor Articles still relevant?

“i am currently reading 'The ACIM Mentor Articles: answers for students of a course in miracles' and as some of the entries are from 2006 etc, i am wondering if they are still relevant to your current teachings now, as you seem to have developed and sometimes have different ways of perception.” – HE

Yes, I have evolved and much of what I wrote back then I would not write now. However, what I wrote then was authentic to where I was then. So many readers still find those articles relevant to where they are now. I get a lot of positive feedback about that book's practical approach.

Also, working one-on-one with others, I try to meet them where they are, not where I am. So with clients I teach what was relevant to me when I was where they are now. In that respect I still teach some of what I wrote back then.

FYI: The last article in that book was April, 2010. For articles written since then you can go to my blogsite,

A mentor is some…

Grief Is A Healing Process

Continuing with the themes of “the way out is through” and “the fear to look within”…
I have found that grief is the emotion that is most often resisted and repressed. It is also often unidentified.
All loss entails feelings of grief, to varying degrees. Sometimes we go through it quickly. You miss a phone call and you experience denial (“I can’t believe I missed that.”), anger/depression (“Oh, I really wanted to speak with them.”), and, finally, understanding/acceptance (“Oh, well, they’ll call back.”). In other situations these stages take longer to process. Sometimes, in the case of a major loss, it can take years to fully reach understanding and acceptance.
Grief is painful, sometimes excruciating, but it is not really a negative emotion. It is the process our minds use to heal. The way out of grief is to go through the process. We repress grief because it is so painful and/or because we don’t want to acknowledge the loss. But when we don’t go through the process we don’t heal. A…

The Fear to Look Within

Last week I wrote about how the way out of emotions that are obstacles to being aware of Truth and being at peace is not to deny or repress them but to go through them. But many people struggle to do this. And that’s because the first obstacle you encounter is a belief that if you look inward you will not be able to cope with what you find. Sometimes it seems you fear you will be overwhelmed by your emotions, but what you really fear is to see the guilt that you believe is there.
“…Loudly the ego tells you not to look inward, for if you do your eyes will light on sin, and God will strike you blind. This you believe, and so you do not look…” (T-21.IV.2)
Guilt is what sustains the ego (personal thought system) in your mind. It wants you to believe in guilt. So as much as you might not want to look at the guilt in your mind, the ego is not threatened by you doing so. What it really fears when you look inward is that you will see past it. You will see that there is no guilt.
“…Beneath you…