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What If You Knew That The Ending Was Happy?

A Course in Miracles teaches, not in one place but by cobbling ideas introduced throughout, that the unfolding story of the universe of form in time is the expression of the moment in the Mind of God (Truth) of the-idea-of-not-God/the-undoing-of-the idea-of-not-God. The idea of the opposite of God arose and was undone instantly by God’s All-encompassing nature. But what was undone immediately in Truth seems in time to have begun long ago and as if it will be undone in some indefinite future. However, the outcome is inevitable; the “script is written”. The idea of Not-Truth will be undone in time because it is already undone in the Mind of Truth.  Looking at your life today or at the world today you cannot see this. But step out of time (Holy Instant) and you can see that everything in the story of time is perfectly a part of that undoing.
Looking at the story of the universe of form unfold is a lot like when you watch a movie. What you see on the screen already happened months ago whe…

The Holy Spirit Works in You

A Course in Miracles teaches that God (Truth) did not make the universe of form and does not come into it. Yet some students make comments to me about how the Holy Spirit made certain things happen in their lives in the world. Well, actually It didn’t. The Holy Spirit is in your mind. It affects your perception of the world and your interaction with the world but It does not leave you (or anyone else) and go out into the universe of form and make things happen. If you attribute “good” things in the world as coming from the Holy Spirit, wouldn’t you have to attribute “bad” things to the Holy Spirit as well? Or, perhaps, just that It is indifferent to the things that you deem as “bad” and so doesn’t intervene?
The universe of form works on cause and effect at the level of form. These causes and effects are a very complex, interwoven tapestry. What you think of as “you” in the world – the self (body/personality) – is part of the universe of form. The self is the product (effect) of vario…

You Are Not A Victim; You Are Making A Choice

Often I hear from clients who are in painful situations that they are not ready to leave. They feel powerless but they are not. And this is what I show them. They are in the situation because something they value in the situation outweighs the pain of the situation. When I point this out they find what it is that they value and they feel empowered. They realize that nothing is being done to them; they are at choice.
Here are some examples. (These are generic and not from any client’s specific story):
Bob’s boss, Teri, finds reasons to blame Bob for things that go wrong even when Bob is not responsible. Bob has examined his own behavior in each situation and taken responsibility where it is appropriate. But he’s also learned from other employees who have worked for Teri longer than Bob has that Teri always finds a scapegoat. And now it is Bob. Bob is unhappy and feels powerless. But he doesn’t leave because he needs the income and he has no other job prospects. When it is pointed out t…

Ask: When we attack aren't we projecting guilt?

We often hear that when we attack another in thought or action we are attacking ourselves. I wonder. Aren't we simply projecting our guilt and in so doing we are avoiding looking at that guilt which in turn reinforces it, thus delaying its release? Or is that the equivalent of self-attack?” – ES
You attack when you feel you need to defend yourself. And you feel that you need to defend yourself when you feel vulnerable. So you must be identifying with a self in a body in a world. This mistake is described in A Course in Miracles as an “attack” on yourself. So in any situation where you perceive that attack is real, whether you are the attacked or the one doing the attacking, the first attack you make is the one yourself. All other attacks then proceed from this first error.

Part of the error of perceiving yourself as a self in a body in a world is to believe that guilt is real. Yes, you are projecting guilt when you attack others. You really believe the guilt is in you but you try t…