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Ask: Why does the Course emphasize many brothers?

…I am in Chapter 27, The Healing of the Dream. In section VII it discusses how to look upon our "brother" in the dream of our creating. If there is only one Son of God, then why is there emphasis on multiples (or dream figures?) of the Son as brothers when in reality there really are no brothers? – RR A Course in Miracles meets you where you are when it first comes into your awareness – experiencing yourself as a personal self in a body in a world with other personal selves in bodies (brothers). Simply reading in a book that there is only One Mind is not going to transform you to an awareness of One Mind. You must have experiences that shift your awareness to Truth. So, the Course teaches you to use your experience as a personal self with many “brothers” to undo this experience and become aware of One Mind. It does this with the Holy relationship. The Holy relationship begins with one other, where you learn to observe your mind and to recognize how, with the personal thought…

Ask: What comfort is there in the Course?

People are probably aghast at the idea of two Danish teenaged girls being held hostages by Somalian pirates. What is going to happen to this family? What would Jesus do if he were the father, unable to keep his daughters from being ravished in front of his eyes?... Does ACIM's teachings have anything that would be of comfort to the father of this Danish hostage family?
Also, the quake in Japan where hundreds died -- if a student of ACIM were in that situation where all the familiar landmarks around him where being swept away how would he cope with it? And how do we onlookers safe... miles away look upon this tragedy? Surely, with pity, but what comfort is there in ACIM's assurance that all this is illusory and we are all safe (even the ones who drowned) in God's bosom?
– DH

I cannot answer for what Jesus would do in any situation, but as a student and teacher of A Course in Miracles, I can answer both of these questions from my own experience.

Ask: Do you need codes so you are not left behind?

What is one to make of those folks who claim to vibrate at a high frequency because they are connected to the light? Some offer to transmit the new "ascension codes" to the rest of us (for a fee), so we can vibrate at the right frequency as earth is making a shift. I've read testimonials on these types of websites of how these services have changed a person's life for the better. Do we all receive these "codes " so we're not left behind ? – Anonymous

What you make of those who teach what you describe is up to you, but let me explain to you your relationship to God:

There is no time, no place, no state where God is absent. (T-29.I.1)

God is Formless Being extending everywhere, always. God is All that is. Being All, God must also contain the idea of Its own opposite, but, since God is All, God cannot have an opposite. The-opposite-of-God, then, can never be more than an idea, and this idea is undone by God’s All-encompassing…

Ask: From Lack to Abundance

I have a problem reconciling ACIM teachings with doing daily tasks making living in Commerce. Say, I am a salesperson. I need to be aggressive, persuasive, not take NO for an answer, follow up on my competition to know what they are doing to counter it to my advantage, maximize my profits by up- and cross-selling, etc, etc, etc. I do it honestly, delivering what’s promised, don’t lie and cheat etc, etc. Say, this is not coming from my greed or wanting to live a decadent life, but because I need to do it to stay in business and earn physical living i.e. pay the mortgage, taxes and the whole slew of other bills you are aware of, and the family/society is expecting/demanding me to deliver. But this feels and sounds like I am coming from LACK, or WORRY (FEAR) of not being able to make my living and fulfill the expectations of my family or society.
ACIM tells us to be/live in the Mind of abundance, but, as I mentioned before, it is hard for me to make that switch, from LACK t…

Ask: Overcoming Martyrdom in Relationships

I have just been dropped by a friend. She’s no longer talking to me. She thinks I “dissed” her – I can understand her interpretation of events but it's an interpretation and not a fact. It’s interesting how she just stopped communicating without even telling me she was angry so I was just left hanging. I could go back and ask her for her side of the story, beg her forgiveness, etc but it's hard work - and I don’t think I've done anything wrong. I'm familiar with this place and have fallen on my sword many times in this kind of situation. Usually, I would rather take the fall than lose the friendship. But I'm sick of doing it and to be honest, my instinct is to just leave it. Still, it's hard to think that a friendship is over. Any advice? Thanks. – SD

What stands out to me in your story is that you think that to maintain a friendship you have to be a martyr. It was never a friendship to begin with if you can only maintain it by “falling on your…