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Ask: How do I use ACIM when others won't forgive me?

My adult children have refused to speak to me for years. I have explained my past actions and I have apologized but this has not brought about a change in my relationship with them. How can I use what ACIM teaches to change my thinking about this? – Anonymous
            By taking responsibility and apologizing you have taken steps to undo the guilt in your mind that the personal thought system (ego) may have been using as an obstacle to peace. This clears the way to peace for you. But whether or not your children want peace is up to them. Every mind has peace in it, but most are not willing to work through their obstacles to peace. Most continue to seek peace through grudges and victimhood rather than through an awareness of Truth and the releasing of the personal story.             Frankly, even if your children came around and forgave you the personal thought system in your mind would find something else lacking in the personal life about which to gripe. It can never be lastingly h…

Ask: What does "I am under no laws but God's" mean?

I don't understand what the workbook says about "I am under no laws but God's", particularly when it comes to economic laws.  A part of me wants not to worry about money but another part says I have to. This quote from the Course makes me feel free, but I wonder if it will make me irresponsible as well. – SD
            The personal thought system (ego) teaches that if you follow certain rules in the world you will be happy, peaceful, complete, etc. What A Course in Miracles is saying is that your peace and happiness are not determined by anything in the universe of form but by your awareness of God. God is the eternal Truth in you.             What you are seeing here is that the personal thought system (ego) equates worrying with responsibility. But in what way is worrying responsible? It is a waste of time and energy and it certainly does not lead to inner peace. The personal thought system values worrying because it distracts you from Truth (God). That’s its only…

Ask: How do I use guidance to awaken rather than to dream a better dream?

...When I hear people talk about guidance it seems to be involved in a lot of different aspects and areas - I'm not sure if that makes sense - but I guess the question is about how to get in touch with guidance and what real guidance is being used for - how to use it to awaken rather than in a way that the personal mind might use it to keep you in the dream and "fixing" up the dream?  I'm not really clear how to ask about this because I think it's probably quite an in-depth topic in the sense of really receiving guidance and how guidance can be distorted and misused and also guidance for more personal activities or how the body is utilized and more deeper clearing of the mind and really joining with the presence of God and releasing identity with the personal. – AL
            Inner peace results when you are aware of Truth. So when you decide that you want inner peace you are ready to grow your awareness of Truth. This is where the Teacher of Truth (Holy Spirit)…

Ask: How do you help someone change a hurtful interpretation?

I have been trying to help someone and have been trying to have them, when they see something disturbing, to tell the Holy Spirit that you are willing to see this differently. Last week she saw a beggar yelling at his dog. She has a particular problem with suffering dogs of the world. I tried to explain how we perceive and then interpret what we perceive. She wrote back “what about when you see something hurtful or sad when it is obvious and not an interpretation.” She got me there. The problem is it all results in her giving large amounts of money and it completely ruins her day and results in a deep depression that can last a week or most likely longer. During this time she can do nothing. I think you get the picture. How can I answer her comments?... – DH
            If you want inner peace then you want to sort out fact from interpretation (projection of meaning). You never respond to facts, but to your interpretations. Your interpretations always tie in some way to your own story…