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The Vision of Forgiveness

“Be comforted, and feel the Holy Spirit watching over you in love and perfect confidence in what He sees.” (T-20.V.8)
Once upon a time when I read a quote like this in A Course in Miracles I could accept the love but I had a hard time with the “perfect confidence”. I realized it was saying that the Holy Spirit had confidence in me as the “Son of God” not as a person. In other words, the Holy Spirit had perfect confidence in the Truth in me not in the self (body/personality/ego). My initial response, when I was still very identified with a self, was, “What the hell good is that to me?” I felt rejected as I thought I was, even though intellectually I got that the problem was that I didn’t know the Truth in me.
Eventually, though, I got past being almost wholly identified with a self and became aware of the Truth in me and could take some comfort from a phrase like this. It was okay that the Holy Spirit’s confidence was not in the thing in which I identified. I was aware of and identifie…

Ask: What changed the first time you experienced a Revelation?

“Over the years I have noticed that spiritual teachers over the centuries who have had a direct experience, revelation, unity are different than those who have not. There are very good Teachers who have not experienced this direct unitive revelation. To intellectualize a spiritual teaching like ACIM is very easy to do. Helen was a prime example, yet you can tell when reading the Text and from some of your works that the words are coming from a place beyond the intellect. I think the Workbook is perhaps where that transcendence is attempted. However there are many cases where it randomly occurs naturally, drug induced or a near death experience. What changed the first time it happened to you? Did your writing change?” – ES
Everything changed the first time I experienced direct Revelation (an experience of only Truth). It was shattering. I could never be the same after It, though I tried to forget It. I went into a kind of shock. It was a few months before I could acknowledge It happene…

The Self's Life in the World is an Expression

Truth, being All, cannot have an opposite. But, being All, It must consider the idea of Its Own opposite. However, the moment the idea of not-Truth arises, it is undone by Truth’s All-encompassing nature.
Since Truth is Eternal (Timeless), Infinite (Limitless), and Formless the idea of not-Truth is time-bound, limited form. So within the idea of not-Truth it seems like not-Truth, or time and limited form, arose long ago and will be undone in some indefinite future. This is what you seem to be experiencing as a self. The unfolding story of the universe of form is the instant of the idea-of-not-Truth/the-undoing-of-the-idea-of-not-Truth expressed as the story of time. Realizing this means turning your mind around to understand that all you see as the universe of form is an expression of that moment of undoing. The undoing is over and you are just watching it play out as a story of time. You don’t have to make the undoing happen. It is already happening through the self with which you i…

Without Guilt, Clarity

This intersection of perimenopause in the self’s life with the falling away of the belief in guilt from this mind has made something very clear to this mind: Much of my sense of personal identity was determined by hormones. Much of what I thought of as “me” was just mere moods passing to and fro because of chemicals washing over the brain.
Of course, I am simply describing the human female experience. Before this stage in this mind’s awareness there was no disentangling itself from the human experience. And the belief in guilt rode the hormonal ride, compounding the darker aspects of it. Only without the belief in guilt can I (this mind) see this, because the hormones are still there causing occasional darkness of varying degrees, but there is no belief in guilt to convince me there is something inherently wrong in me that needs to be fixed. At first, especially when it hasn’t happened for a while and/or it is subtle, I am sometimes deceived. But I always return to the awareness that…

All Is Well, Always

All is well and perfect and always has been. I have resisted this experience from the beginning for many reasons.
For one thing, it was too good to be true. I didn’t trust it, though it was something I had always sensed. For another, it obviously did not apply to the self and its world—or the self’s thought system’s (ego’s) interpretation of the universe of form. So I didn’t want it. What good was this idea to me in my identification with the self? The personal thought system in my mind was saying, as always, “What’s in it for me?” and, because I identified with it, those words were my own. I wanted it to be well and perfect according to my definition of well and perfect at the level of form. Of course, what I couldn’t see was that the personal thought system would never, ever see things that way. It is a thought system of lack, guilt, and fear.
And, of course, there was my belief in guilt in the way. How could I accept that all is well and perfect when guilt was real to me? This is …

Ask: What is the relationship between Vision and sense?

“In section T-22.III.1.4-6, it reads: ‘You can see reason.  This is not a play on words, for here is the beginning of a vision that has meaning.  Vision is sense, quite literally.  If it is not the body’s sight, it must be understood.’ My question lies with Vision, and what it actually is.  For years as both a devoted student and teacher of ACIM, I have been aware that the body’s eyes were made to hide what could be seen.  So my understanding is if what we believe we see is not there, than it is Vision, the Holy Spirit’s sight, in which is gifted us through our practice of willingness and forgiveness.  (along with reason, being HS’s knowledge)  The above readings say; “Vision is sense, quite literally.”  I am a little confused.  If I try to understand, it is telling me that Vision is to sense or experience that which the Holy Spirit sees and knows—beyond the body and the world of form.  It cannot be “sense” as we know it in the world, sensing with our ears and eye’s and noses and hands…

After Guilt

This mind wondered, what happens when the belief in guilt falls away? Well, first the self- concept fell away. This mind sometimes wonders if this is the same as saying self-identification has fallen away. After all, what is the self but a concept? Sometimes this mind is comfortable with that. Sometimes it feels it is not quite accurate to say, yet, that all self-id has fallen away. It sees evidence that this is not yet so.
After the self-concept fell away this mind spent a good three years in a type of limbo or stasis. The personal thought system (ego) was very loud, insistent, and persistent. Of course, there was also always a present Peace. This mind could do nothing but allow the noise and wait and see what would unfold. And, frankly, that is what is left after the belief in guilt has fallen away! There is nothing to do but watch. Everything is automatic and the mind only needs to observe the undoing of the part of it that no longer has a use.
Mostly, for now anyway, this mind is…