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Ask: As I judge other less I feel more alone. How can I be more aware of the All?

“I have an understanding that judgment, especially of other people, is a way that separation is maintained. Watching myself I can see how that happens…I recognize that is happening and turn away from it. My question is this: so far the only images of other people are ones of judgment…and all the mental production into presenting them as a separate person to my mind. When I don't do that as much, then I begin to feel more alone. I don't have the experience of "other people" so much. I assume there is a deeper connection possible, to the All, to what is real, but so far that does not arise…” – RP
            You have seen that there is no real connection between selves. The personal thought system’s “connection” with others is an illusion maintained by judgment. You dropped the judgments and the sense of connection is gone. All along you were experiencing only your own thoughts. When you detach from (truly forgive) the personal thought system’s (ego’s) judgments you do…

Ask: How can we have a healthier state of mind as we become parents?

“My husband and I are trying to get pregnant and are seeing a fertility specialist. We are having procedures done to get pregnant and I've had a miscarriage in the past. How can I keep that heartbreak from hindering my future/our future? I know that our waking life is not real, but we want to raise and love a child we created together. What can we do to create a healthier mind state as we go through this journey to hopefully become parents?” – Anonymous
            A truly healthy state of mind is one where you are aware that only God (your True Being) within you is real. When you know this you know that you are whole. You do not set up anything in the world to be your salvation. This means that you do not look to or expect anything, anyone, any situation, or any role in the world to make you whole or lastingly happy and at peace. So while you have desires, preferences, and inclinations you are not attached to satisfying them.             When a child is wanted a miscarriage or an …

Ask: What is your take on the Second Coming?

“…what is your take on the second coming? I have often thought of it as fundamentalist bunk to police the converts. I must confess the ACIM 's explanation, page 449 # 9, quite loses me . Is it something like a ‘grand enlightenment for all people’ or what?...” – ES
            My “take on” the Second Coming as described in A Course in Miracles’ Workbook, Part II.9, is in my translation of the Workbook, Practicing A Course in Miracles, Part 2.9:
What is the Second Coming of Christ?
1. The Second Coming of Christ, which is as sure as God, is merely the correction of your mistakes, and the return of Sanity to your mind. It restores to you What you never lost, and re-establishes What is Forever True in your mind. It is your invitation to God’s Word to take the place of your illusions, and your willingness to forgive all things, without exception or reservation. 2. The all-encompassing nature of Christ’s Second Coming embraces all that you perceive, and holds you safe within it. There is n…

Ask: What do you think about all the hype about germs?

“What do you think about all the hype regarding germs, sanitizing, and hand washing?  I'm asking because my partner and I have different habits around this, and I feel really disgusted by her behavior sometimes.  I know that mentioning it to her will cause a fight, probably because I feel guilty for having these feelings.  I'm afraid that by being close to her physically, I am risking becoming infected with something she has picked up in public.  What's actually going on here?” – OT
            At the level of form there are laws of cause and effect. Some things cause harm to the body. The experience of a self is inherently dysfunctional and will never be perfect. But it does make sense to know the laws of cause and effect relating to the self and its body to mitigate your discomfort in this experience where possible. As the story goes, germs cause illness in the body. You do reduce, but not eliminate, your risk of being infected or of causing infection in others through b…

Ask: How do I deal with wanting to help without seeing it as real?

…You wrote somewhere that, at one point on your path, politics kept dragging you back into the dream.  I'm totally like that, too.  Thankfully I don't get stuck there like I used to.  The emotional pull is nowhere near as strong. But it's still hard for me to see the corruption and say it isn't true. It's hard for me not to get involved somehow. Maybe it's because the town I live in is a political nightmare. I feel it's my responsibility to get involved!  How do I deal with this sense of wanting to "help" without seeing it as real? (By the way, I must admit I don't know if I am actually helping even if I think I'm trying!)” – SD
            The first shift that happens for students of A Course in Miracles, often unconsciously, is that you see every situation as a classroom to learn of peace. This turns every situation from an end in itself to a means for peace. If you want inner peace this is the only shift that really needs to occur. So…