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Ask: Removing Blocks to Love (Guilt/Fear)

Can you talk about what the Course says about love and removing blocks to love (guilt/projection)? – Anonymous

A Course in Miracles teaches that you do not have to learn Love, earn Love, or attain Love, because Love is always within you. So, if you are not aware of Love always, you must have obstacles to this awareness. To be at peace, then, you must seek for and remove your obstacles to your awareness of Love’s Presence within you.
God is an experience of Formless, Boundless Love, Peace, and Joy. This is your natural State of Being. “Love”, then, is another word for God. Your obstacle to being aware of your natural State of Being is your belief that you are something else, which takes the form of you thinking that a personal self in a body in a world is your reality. Underlying this belief is the belief that you have “attacked” God to make this separate “reality”, so at the heart of your identification with a personal self is guilt, and fear of punishment from God. You cann…

Ask: Psychoactive Drugs and Course "Purists"

Thank you for your recent blog entry (December 10, 2010). It is very helpful and rings true with what I understand the Course to be saying about the mind/body 'split'. I have one question - and others may have the same question as well - does the same thinking also apply to medications that address problems such as ADHD and depression? At the end of the day, if I feel peaceful about my decision to take psychoactive medication isn't that all that matters? Then again, I can see that maybe some Course 'purists' would consider that a cop out and just show that we haven't been going to God often enough. As you can see, I have conflict about this issue… -MP

Of course, psychoactive drugs are no different from other drugs which you take to ease your suffering or discomfort. There is no reason for you to suffer, not just physically, but psychically, or with the chaos of ADHD. Just as with physical illness, you can trust that, as you center your mind in God, you will be …

Ask: Spiritual Partnership

...I am friends with, and see so many people on this planet now, who are so striving to be in a healthy, committed spiritual partnership. They have drawn to them people who seem perfect for this dance of love and yet the feeling isn't mutual and has all the additions of "I love you, but, not in the way you love me", etc. Then the victim comes out, why am I not good enough? On and on the inner ego screams. And we feel alone and know that we aren't.
Can you comment on how we can keep our inner balance and peace in the days where the person we think is the most wonderful for us as our beloved spiritual partner really isn't the one? – Anonymous

Your real “spiritual partner” is the Holy Spirit (the Truth in your mind). If you want inner peace, which is a state of mind, this is the relationship that you must make your primary relationship. When you do this, relationships in the world then become extensions of your relationship…

Ask: The Mind/Body Split

I have a point on which I would love some clarity. When one’s newborn is sick and needs antibiotics for pneumonia, wouldn't the most recent message from the Course concede that one not identify with the illness as the ill body is not God Consciousness? Therefore, leading one not to treat the sick infant? When a woman bleeds every month she must take care of her body? The mind/body split has me perplexed… I can be in full loving consciousness, living out of the Love Consciousness not the fear consciousness and have a back spasm that necessitates a focus. Is one to deny this? – Anonymous

I’m not sure what you mean by “most recent message from the Course”, but A Course in Miracles is quite clear on your first question about treating an illness or not: You (or anyone that you are caring for) do not need to suffer. Take whatever is necessary to ease your discomfort or pain. The appropriate course of treatment to pursue will come into your mind as a manifestation …

Ask: Disease and Healing

Ask ACIM Mentor:

Would you please comment on disease - how our thoughts create it and how we heal again. Thank you. – AM

You are mind. Diseases of the body are no different than any other appearance. The world, the body, diseases of the body – all of these are thoughts in your mind. They are the effect of your mind, which is their cause, but they are not you. They are “illusions”, because they are not your Reality.
God is your Cause and Reality. God is Limitless, Formless Being, or Mind, extending infinitely and eternally. The experience of God is boundless love, peace, and joy. God extends only God, so as God’s Effect, you extend God infinitely and eternally. In God, then, Cause and Effect are One and the Same, but in your belief that not-God is possible, you are cause of effects unlike God. When you identify with (give your attention to) a personal self in a body in a world, then, you believe that you are limited, time-bound form. This is not true, so it is pain…