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Ask: Forgiveness Can Take Different Forms

In your October 29th newsletter, there was a question about forgiving and how the person had trouble forgiving an “abusive” person. In your answer, you suggested that “forgiveness” can take different forms, and that choosing not to speak to someone might be “a miracle, not a failure”.
This perspective helped me a lot, after I felt into it for a while. I agree that this might be a way of letting go, and free myself and the other person from grievances and other attachments.
However, there is one thing that is still puzzling me. It seems to me that there are people where choosing not to speak/interact is not an option. Close family members, for instance. What about my 4-year-old-son? What about my mother? It seems to me I can’t just choose to not to speak to them, or stop taking care of my son, although I must admit that I sometimes feel like it. On the other hand it seems that not having all options would contradict the idea of forgiveness and miracles.

Ask: How Can I Choose to Not Suffer?

Ask ACIM Mentor:

How can I choose not to suffer? In my head I can, but I still feel the pain of rejection. - AM

In Truth, you cannot suffer, but you need to be in touch with the Truth in you to be able to turn toward It, away from suffering. So, before you can stop suffering, you must cultivate your awareness of God within you.
In your mind, you have two thought systems. One comes from God – what A Course in Miracles calls the “Christ Mind” or “Holy Spirit” in you. This is the Part of your mind that knows that you are One with God (eternal, limitless love, peace, and joy). The other thought system is what the Course calls “ego”, and I have translated as “personal mind” or “personal thought system”. This thought system is the opposite of God in every way. Its foundation is guilt, therefore fear-of-God, which manifests as anxiety, anger, insecurity, irritation, worry, etc. It is your identification with this thought system that leads to your suffering, so the obvio…

The Limited Value of Theology, revisited

From May 19, 2007:


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How Do I Forgive What I Am Not?

Ask ACIM Mentor:

This week's story on forgiveness was very enlightening. You said that most people who find another troubling is because the “other” has somehow said something that connected (not well) with our ''story of me'' (ego) and has made us feel like a victim. What if the people you don’t want to be around have what you think are qualities you don’t have? Not because there is anything wrong with the person (being abusive, etc.) but their personalities just seem to drive home the ''story of me'' that you think is ''wrong'', such as, not being outgoing enough, not being family oriented, ....these are the people I don’t want to be around, not the obviously nasty ones.
This always is my problem...comparisons which make me feel like I’m lacking, no one is ever “bad”, really, they are “good”, it's just that I feel bad because I’m not like them...self-assured and outgoing etc.
I’ve never seen this problem wr…