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Ask: Trouble Forgiving

From Ask ACIM Mentor:

I have a person in my life that I am having a lot of trouble forgiving. Usually, when I have a problem with a person, I usually find something good to concentrate on. By doing this, I have something to hold on to when there is a conflict.
But with this new person, I can't find any good in them. Sorry if that sounds harsh but that is the total truth. This person has done a lot of harm to people. It's hard to ignore that - I know I'm supposed to believe that the world is an illusion and there is no loss, but it's very difficult to see people being victimized.
Is the Course saying I literally made this person up?
I am torn between the two concepts of cowardice and forgiving. Sometimes I feel like the Course is asking us to "back down" which, in my mind, could easily be seen as an excuse for cowardice. I think about this in terms of dealing with this person in the world. In other words,…

"Master" Teachers, revisited

From May 15, 2007:


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Ask: Advice on Sticking with the Path

From Ask ACIM Mentor:

…my question for you has to do with the effectiveness of the Course in waking up from this dream. Now, I've read of your own mind blowing experiences of God, which seem to have started early in your study. I've met a lot of people who have been working with the material for years (myself included) who have not had direct revelation. I've been studying other teachings that promise quicker results, but I still don't have anything earth shattering to report. Feeling a bit discouraged, but no matter how much I try to turn away from ACIM, I just seem to always be pulled back to it. Any advice you have on sticking with the path and releasing doubt would be greatly appreciated. Much love and thanks, Bryan in L.A.

Despite my early experiences of revelation, Bryan, I didn’t experience any comprehensive shift toward peace until I had been a student for over 20 years. A revelation is simply a glimpse of the Ultimate Goal of God. If I could stay T…

Evolving Toward the Holy Spirit, revisited

From May 12, 2007:


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