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Ask: What is my personal responsibility in the awakening?

“…In the chapter about "What is the last Judgment?" (Workbook part II, #10) Jesus says:  "You are still My holy Son, forever innocent, forever loving and forever loved, as limitless as your Creator and completely changeless and forever pure. Therefore awaken and return to Me. I am your Father and you are My Son." My question is: Can you talk about the verb awaken in this context and my "personal" responsibility in the awakening?” – ER
This phrase was not meant as an instruction, but simply as a reassurance. It’s saying that you have nothing to fear from God (your True Being) because God continues on within you untouched by the personal experience. So therefore it is safe for you to become aware of (awaken to) God within you again.
You do not have to make the choice to be aware of God. This is a choice that you make for yourself because you want to be at peace. If you do make this choice then your “responsibility” is to be willing to be aware of God. This …

Ask: Are you saying that no form exists for God?

“On reading your (last) blog…I was struck by a statement…: …‘What seems to happen in the universe of form has no effect on God (Reality) whatsoever. So Dahmer and Mother Teresa are not equally loved by God. Both are equally unreal. Neither exists for God. Realizing this is true forgiveness.’ … Perhaps it is my ego that feels alarm, or perhaps I don't quite understand the statement. Are you saying that no form exists for God and that we are connected to the True Being only through our true self (which is neither our body nor ego). Perhaps I am clinging to my childhood Christian belief that nothing goes unnoticed by God and something to the effect that God knows how many hairs are on everyone's heads.  If none of this form life exists for God, what is the point of it all?...” - MI
You read it correctly. God (as A Course in Miracles uses the word) is Formless Being. Only God is real. In God there is only God (the meaning of “Oneness”). So God knows only God. This means that God on…

Ask: How can I accept that there is no ultimate responsibility for my actions?

“ACIM asserts that the physical universe and all it contains…are total illusions…ACIM tells us we are ‘sin’ free…and thus all acts we commit, regardless of their impact on others, are consistent with the illusion. ACIM tells us we must only ‘Forgive’ our Brother in the Son of God, recognizing that our Brothers’ acts against us are equally unreal. Every other spiritual path or religion I’m aware of maintains that we are responsible for our actions in our present lives (implicitly asserting they are REAL) and will eventually be held accountable for them in some way, either in the present, directly in the afterlife or during some form of reincarnated future lives…This too, is disavowed by ACIM. The implication is that e.g., serial killer Jeffrey Dahmer and Mother Teresa are not only loved equally by God but are equally open to receiving all of God's Love without any consideration of past acts. It is profoundly difficult to accept the rejection of any ultimate responsibility/accountab…

Ask: If we are all one how can we have such disparity?

When sitting with family yesterday, it occurred to me that each of us has such a wide and varying approach and take on what is real.  If we are all one, and not various and individual souls/persons, how can we have such disparity in our beliefs?  Why isn't your awakening or Jesus’ awakening more of an influence on all of us if we are one consciousness?  Why does guilt seem so individualized when we are not individuals? - JG
You will notice that A Course in Miracles says that your perception of yourself as an individual mind (ego) among other individual minds (egos) is an illusion. You are not experiencing the one and only Mind (God) when you perceive the disparity of many minds. You are looking at an illusion. It is this mistaken belief in what is real that ACIM seeks to help you transcend. It isn’t really accurate to say that “we are all one”. It is more accurate to say that there is only one mind. Any time you apply a plural to “mind” you are looking at the illusion. But you c…