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Ask: Was the MFT dictated by a different Spirit of the God Head?

I have been studying the Course for years, and have been through the Manual for Teachers more than a few times. This time I realize that the prose is so much easier to read and understand than in the Text.  It ran through my mind that perhaps there was a different Spirit of the God Head that dictated this part of the Course.  What do you think? – GF
            There is only one Spirit, or Truth, Which is called “God” in A Course in Miracles. The part of your seemingly-individual mind that is one with God is called “Christ” in the Course and the teaching aspect of the Christ Mind is called the “Holy Spirit”. Because there is only one Truth It is universal, so Christ is the same in every mind. There are no individual spirits.             It was the Christ Mind that dictated the entire Course and its two supplements to Helen Schucman. (She called Christ in her mind “Jesus”). The fact that the Workbook and the Manual for Teachers are easier to read than the Text attests to Helen’s growin…

Ask: In Truth will I still be aware of myself as an individual?

Once the ego has been conquered and one is in the state of permanent peace, does the awareness (I am) still perceive individualistically  - i.e.  this is me (peace) I exist in the sea of  peace and  I will always be aware of myself as an individual piece of stillness, in this bodied life and beyond, or is it a case of I dissolve into peace (stillness) where we exist as one but not aware of myself sort of  like an infant’s unknowing “awareness. – PS
            Your sense of existence is eternal but your sense of individuality is temporary. In other words, the “I am” that you experience deep within is an experience of the eternal but your projection of your sense of existence onto limited form ceases in time.             So in essence neither one of the scenarios you suggest is accurate. In Truth you do not experience yourself as one among many nor as one within something greater. You experience One without limits. And your individuality does not dissolve into a vast Oneness, either.…

Ask: How can I better hear the Holy Spirit?

...I am constantly praying, asking, seeking and knocking on the door to be opened so that the Holy Spirit speaks to me more frequently and at greater volume than my ego mind. I think that “undoing” the ego mind is not so much a “goal.” To me it seems that communicating and communing with the Holy Spirit will *inherently* undo the ego. Yet in spite of prayers and many efforts, I find “that still small voice” almost inaudible against the din of my ego habits. I have been a long time (30+ years) seeker and Course student for about 8 years. Please help suggest ways to more frequently hear the voice of the Holy Spirit. – AR
            You state an obstacle to hearing better the Holy Spirit (Teacher of Truth in your mind) when you say that you think that communing with the Holy Spirit alone will undo the ego (personal though system). Your obstacles to hearing the Holy Spirit are the guilty and fearful thoughts of the ego that you believe and you can remove these obstacles only by looking a…

Ask: Are we being thought?

Are we being thought? Is the one split mind, that fragments into 7 billion and then other species’ minds, thinking our life situations that come to us and then our decision maker has only 2 choices which teacher to listen to, the holy spirit or ego, we really don't have any other active ability to attract what we want in life just the way we interpret it, is this correct? – JB
            No, you are not being thought. You are the one mind doing the thinking. But when you identify with a personal self (ego) you think that you are the thought in some other Mind. Maybe you label that Mind, God; maybe you never bother to label it. You may not even think of yourself as in mind but in a real universe of form. But it is the equivalent to a personal self having a dream while sleeping and thinking that they are a figure in the dream rather than the dreamer of the dream.             This is the split in the mind. It seems like there is “you” and a universe outside of you with many billion…

Ask: How does one turn their thoughts over to the Holy Spirit?

Throughout the Course Text and lessons there is the directive to turn our ego thoughts over to the Holy Spirit. I have a very difficult situation which is making me very unhappy. I know it is the result of my need for a special relationship. I know on some level I am resisting changing my thoughts and the root of this is probably feeling the need to be loved and this most likely goes back to feeling I lost God's love. The difficulty I am having is "turning it to the Holy Spirit" How does one do that? I am practically begging and I am still feeling like this person owes me more demonstrations of love. This is not the first time I have asked the Holy Spirit to take some ego thought away but I rarely feel peace. I feel like the ego has a strangle hold on me and I cannot just think these things away… – MM
            The Holy Spirit (Teacher of Truth) is the thought system that represents Truth in your mind. When you “turn” a situation “over” to It you are saying that you wa…