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Ask: Discrepencies Between Law of Attraction and the Course

I am glad some are asking about the discrepancies between the Bible and the Course. I have just finished reading the Law of Attraction channeled by Abraham through Esther Hicks. Here also there is a wide discrepancy between the descriptions of who we are in physical bodies as described by Abraham, being a definite and determined decision to come "here" as the forefront of thought and extend All-That-Is, and the Course which states that we have no choice but to come "here" until we are healed and no longer need to.
Another major discrepancy is the advice on how to live: LOA suggests we focus our thoughts as far as possible on what we want whereas the Course suggests the exact opposite: do NOT formulate and ask for anything.
If you are familiar with the above writings would you please give us your thoughts on these issues…– RC

I, too, like it when students bring up discrepancies between other spiritual teachings and A Course in Miracles. Bringing these discrepancies to…

Ask: Is Oneness a Double-edged Sword?

I have been feeling so much the sense of oneness with all I see and it is most pleasing when I see good things happen to people, animals, plants, world, environment, etc. because it brings such joy because I know I am them they are me. But what really brings pain is when I have this sense of oneness with people, animals, environment when horrible things happen to them and I truly feel horrible and a sense of helplessness and grief that doesn't leave me, for the same reason I see them as me and me as them. For example, wish everyone was a vegan so billions of animals don't have to be tortured and then horribly be murdered in slaughter houses, when the earth is being poisoned daily with all the chemicals and trash and deforesting done to it, when I see children and animals abused and big pharma, and corporations destroying everything for the almighty dollar, and its endless the victim victimizer scenarios that plague my mind. I truly want all to be well and happy, s…

Ask: A Discrepency Between the Bible and Course; also, One Mind

I 'm submitting a couple questions to Ask ACIM Mentor. Thanks for your time.

a) The Bible says God created man out of the dust from the ground and breathed life into him and made him a living soul. This gives the impression the Bible is speaking of the physical body as well as the soul.
ACIM states the body is not a creation of God but an illusion of personal self of our own making. Can you please clarify the discrepancy?

b) If all of us are many expressions of the One and share one Mind and we have no private thoughts and our seeming differences of form and our seeming separateness from one another are really illusions concealing our shared Source and oneness, then why are all thoughts and beliefs not in harmony?
– RR

God is the One Being that is, without form, extending infinitely and eternally. Being All-that-is, God also contains the idea of Its own opposite, which can only ever be an idea, because All cannot have an opposite. The nature of All-ness undoes the idea of…

Ask: Impatient to Experience the Holy Spirit

I have just recently found and begun to study the Course (about 6-9 months ago). I find myself so impatient to develop a feeling of connection to the Holy Spirit/God. It seems that the harder I try, the more it eludes me! I am feeling very frustrated. Can you offer any advice to alleviate this sense of pressure that I have imposed upon myself? I also have a dread of having to endure countless future lifetimes if I don’t “get it” during this one...Thanks for your help. – L.D.

You will be relieved to know that it does not take many lifetimes to attain inner peace. In fact, it doesn’t even take one lifetime. It only takes an instant.
You have never left God, so you always have inner peace. What is missing is your awareness of the inner peace that is always within you, and that only takes a moment to choose. Inner peace results when you are aware of Truth (God) within you, and you can invite Truth into your awareness right now. In fact, only right now can you b…