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The Way Out is Through

When I started out on this path to Peace I was very young. I was drawn to Truth, but I was also hoping to avoid pain. I wanted to use my growing spiritual awareness to do so. But it quickly became obvious this was not going to happen. Pain did not go away. But it was my fear of denial that had set me on this path in the first place, so I was not going to use the path for another form of denial. If I found I was doing so, I’d pull myself back and face whatever I had to face.
Not only was I not going to avoid the pain of the personal life, but there was the pain of the spiritual path to deal with, too. It is not that it has to be painful. It is just that it is inevitably painful to look into one’s mind at one’s obstacles to peace. If I didn’t think they were painful, they wouldn’t be obstacles! The only way to overcome obstacles and get out of the pain is to go directly into and through the ideas and beliefs that cause them. And that is experienced as painful until I am through them an…

More on Perception

A few questions and requests for clarity came after last week’s article ( Also, I have something to add. So I will try again:
The body’s eyes report what it sees to the mind. It sees forms that have no meaning in themselves. So the universe of form is like a blank screen with regard to meaning.
Your mind always perceives inward. If you are in the Holy Spirit (Awareness of Truth in your mind) you know this and you see Real Perception, or what A Course in Miracles calls the “real world”. This is a Vision of Love or Light within. This inward Vision extends outward to the universe of form. This “colors” the way you see form, but you are aware of this. You do not have the illusion that how you see form comes from the forms the body’s eyes report. You know you are seeing your own mind.
In the ego (personal though system) you also always perceive only inward. However, you project your perceptions away onto the universe of form…

Finally, A Real Choice

A Course in Miracles teaches that we always look inward before we look outward. And it has always been easy for me to see True Perception (the Real World, Christ’s Vision, Holy Spirit’s Vision, etc. in ACIM) as a wholly inward Vision. When I experience It I also see the universe of form is meaningless. It is a blank canvas. The Vision may extend to form but I know the source is me, not the forms the body’s eyes report. In a way, I see a world overlaid over the world of form and I know that “real world” is in me. This overlaid world actually overlooks form because it is meaningless.
But the ego’s (personal thought system’s) perceptions are harder for me to see as only an inward perception. And that is because it always projects its perceptions away. Even though I have learned to take back my perceptions by practicing sorting out facts in form from my projection of meaning onto them, still there has always been an attachment between my perceptions and the universe of form. This is what …

Ask: How do I know it's the Holy Spirit?

“Lately, through spending much more time in meditation (not necessarily stillness!), I seem to be able to “drop into” a space of deep quiet and a new kind of being (knowing??) for brief periods of time. My question is this: What does the Holy Spirit ‘feel like’?  I would love to think I’m finally able to experience my own Teacher, but my mind (no surprise) kicks up a fuss and tells me this is just brain waves, nothing special, don’t be silly, etc. etc.  I do seem to get responses to sincere requests for clarity, answers to questions and so on, but again my mind tells me I am making everything up on my own.  How would I know the difference?” – MG
You have experienced the Holy Spirit (Awareness of Truth in your mind) in the quiet knowing you described as well as in the clarity and answers you received. You can trust this.
You know it is the Holy Spirit when you feel set free from confusion, guilt, and fear in their various forms. There’s a lifting and lightening. When it is the ego (per…