The Holy Spirit is the Holy Relationship

One of the areas where students of A Course in Miracles get particularly strapped up is with the Course’s references to relationships. Jesus was speaking to all of us through Helen, but He was also speaking quite specifically to Helen and Bill. For Helen, all those references to “brother” meant Bill specifically and the lessons must be generalized for the rest of us. Helen and Bill were in the unique position of being at the exact same place spiritually and they were both willing to consciously recognize this and to learn from it. These holy relationships are rare, as the Course tells us (M-3.5) and most students do not seem to have the opportunity to experience the holy relationship the way Helen and Bill did. But even if you do have the opportunity to experience the holy relationship with someone who is spiritually ready to experience it when you are, it takes great, conscious willingness to go ride out the threatened ego’s terror. One or both of you may break it off because of the intense discomfort involved. Remember, all are called but few choose to listen.

I experienced Oneness with someone who was aligned up with me spiritually, but she left the relationship. The amazing thing was I could still experience Oneness just by thinking about her. Her body/ego were just symbols of Oneness because I first experienced Oneness when I was with her. I fought against this because I wanted her body/ego around for a special relationship and so I could project the source of Oneness on to her. I finally knew peace only when I acknowledged that if I was experiencing Oneness when she was thousands of miles away, then Oneness was always with me. The holy relationship is really with the Holy Spirit within me. My relationship with her was really only a doorway into this awareness. It turned out that her leaving was the greatest blessing for me because I learned this lesson.

It is very confusing to read about a relationship of spiritual equals who willingly experience the Holy Spirit through their relationship when you are not in a similar situation. You have to put aside the specific references and generalize the lessons of their relationship. Even after I accepted the Presence of the Holy Spirit in my life I continued to try to “see Christ in others”. Trying to see Christ “in” others only made me more aware of ego because I was still focused on individuals. I gave up at some point and decided to just rest in the Presence I felt within. And that’s how I stumbled into extending God’s Love. I don’t see Christ “in others”; I carry the Presence with me wherever I go. The Presence is everywhere – in me and all around me. I am detached from what is happening “out there” because the Presence fills me and I don’t need anything from the world to make me whole.

I learned that there is really only one ego, it just seems to take many forms, and that letting go of ego means letting go of all the ways in which I perceive it -- in me or “in others” – because I only seeing my own mind. And I learned that “extending” God’s Love means experiencing it everywhere, no matter what is appearing before the body’s eyes.You don’t have to wait for a holy relationship in the world to experience the Holy Spirit. The Holy Spirit is within you; the holy relationship is always with you – in fact, it is all around you.


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