Ask: Is there some way to speed up knowing that only God is real?

“…I'd like to know more about the experience that only God is real. Are there any references to this experience in any of the 5 Course books/supplements? Do we have any way to speed up experiencing only God as real? Does this experience grow and mature, is it permanent once experienced initially or does it come and go in our mind? Tell us what you can about this please.” - JK

            There are many descriptions throughout the books of A Course in Miracles of the experience that you have when you know that only God (Truth) is real. Here’s one that is characteristic of them:

In Him you have no cares and no concerns, no burdens, no anxiety, no pain, no fear of future and no past regrets. In timelessness you rest, while time goes by without its touch upon you, for your rest can never change in any way at all. (W-109.5)

The means for “speeding up” your awareness that only God is real is what the Course calls the “holy instant”. The holy instant is any moment that you choose to turn inward and touch God. This can be anything from just a few seconds that you take anytime during the day to a more formal meditation where you set aside a block of time to quiet your mind and commune with God. Chapter 15 in the Text discusses the holy instant in depth. The holy instant is such an essential practice that once it is introduced in the Text it is referred to again and again.
Your practice of the holy instant demonstrates your willingness to become aware that only God is real. One experience of God is not usually enough to shift you fully to the awareness that only God is real. And initially you are not going to have some sort of experience of God every time you invite it because you won’t necessarily be truly open to it. But once it happens you will be motivated to open to it again. You will be able to use your memory of the experience in your practice of the holy instant to remind you that want the experience.

The experience of an instant, however compelling it may be, is easily forgotten if you allow time to close over it. It must be kept shining and gracious in your awareness of time, but not concealed within it. The instant remains. But where are you? To give thanks to your brother is to appreciate the holy instant, and thus enable its results to be accepted and shared. To attack your brother is not to lose the instant, but to make it powerless in its effects. (T-17.V.12)

The holy relationship is how to extend the experience of the holy instant as you go about your day. A holy relationship is any relationship where you choose to come from your awareness of God rather than from the ego (personal thought system) as you relate to another. Once you have had some experience of God in a holy instant you can extend this awareness by choosing to put aside the ego’s judgments and stories for yourself and others. You let the ego’s judgments come up and then you let them go. You remind yourself that only the experience of God within you is real. You are already whole in God. You don’t need others to make you whole. You don’t need them to change to make you happy. You don’t need to fix them because they, too, are already whole in God, even if they are not aware of this.
The effects of the holy instant are cumulative. You never lose what you experience in one even if you turn back to the ego afterward. As you have more and more experiences of God and extend these in your relationships with others it will sink in that only God is real. This will be so gradual and natural that you won’t even know that it has occurred until you have experiences that show you that you have changed. You will find that you do not react to situations in the world as you once did. You have an awareness of Something within you that is solid and unchanging and more real to you than the world. In your awareness of It you feel whole and safe no matter what seems to be occurring in the world.

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Lita said…
I cannot read this enough ... Thanks for sharing :)
will said…
I have been more aware of the transition in the past six months or so. I really wanted something dramatic ( I guess that's the right word) and life changing. For information purposes I'm about 8 years into this. My first 3,4 or 5 years were a pretty rough go. It felt like I was in a death struggle with the ego. I had problems with anger for years so the whole thing was pretty intense. I am not aware that I have ever had a one on one with God, where it was clear he was there but this stuff is so transitory I may have forgotten. For years now I have been aware of the presence of the Holy Spirit. It is a subtle feeling but I am aware of it. Lately that subtle feeling has increased in my awareness. I'm not so afraid or worried about the future as I was. For instance I found a painting that I wanted to buy but it was really expensive, I mean a lot. I spent about two weeks trying to get some indication if it was a "red light or green light." I didn't get any direct answer but in that two week period did process in my own mind a lot of different things that branch off from money and fear. I bought the painting yesterday and as soon as I got home the ego started it's usual stuff on how stupid it was to buy it, I'll end up in the poor house just all kinds of stuff. But I was able to look at this rush of thoughts, be aware that it was an ego attack and see it for what it was. But instead of just "seeing it" I can feel the Holy Spirit intervening. Just a subtle feeling but unmistakable. It kind of feels like "everything is OK" that type of thing.
will said…
I have been thinking about the blog off and on most of the day. About the painting I mentioned. God meets you where you are and that was what was going on.

The definition of 'Subtle' is "delicately complex and understated; delicate or precise as to be difficult to analyze or describe." I think a good way to describe what that feels like is to remember what it feels like when you are trying to live without it. Powerlessness, fear of the future, walking around this dream completely susceptible to whatever may happen and knowing that as a deep gut level experience. It led me to keep drinking. What is going on between me and the Holy Spirit seems to be about discipline. Learning mental discipline. Learning to be more focused on the holy instant. When I wander off having it not be days before I wander back. When I'm listening to my ego remembering to get centered. Like muscle memory, like learning to play the piano. For me the Holy Instant is simply when I am aware of that subtle feeling in my chest. I don't think there has to be any more to it than that. Increased awareness, like learning to play the piano or learning a new language, it takes time. Chances are I won't wake up being able to speak Russian tomorrow. The catch is there are some people, only a very few, who do wake up knowing how to speak Russian and you know where that leads your ego:)

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