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...I am friends with, and see so many people on this planet now, who are so striving to be in a healthy, committed spiritual partnership. They have drawn to them people who seem perfect for this dance of love and yet the feeling isn't mutual and has all the additions of "I love you, but, not in the way you love me", etc. Then the victim comes out, why am I not good enough? On and on the inner ego screams. And we feel alone and know that we aren't.
Can you comment on how we can keep our inner balance and peace in the days where the person we think is the most wonderful for us as our beloved spiritual partner really isn't the one? – Anonymous

Your real “spiritual partner” is the Holy Spirit (the Truth in your mind). If you want inner peace, which is a state of mind, this is the relationship that you must make your primary relationship. When you do this, relationships in the world then become extensions of your relationship with God, in that they all become the means for you to attain inner peace by your learning in them how to choose peace. In other words, your larger goal of inner peace makes all of your relationships “spiritual partnerships”. This includes relationships that do not go the way that the personal thought system in your mind has decided that they should go. If you single out only certain relationships in the world to be “spiritual partnerships”, then you make them idols, and obstacles to inner peace.
You will find that when you center your mind in God, you have peace, and personal desires, for a certain kind of relationship as well as for anything else, fall into the background. You do not have to deny personal desires, but simply trust that, if they do not naturally fall away in your awareness of your Wholeness in God, they will be fulfilled at the perfect time in a form that is meaningful for you, and that serves your larger goal of attaining inner peace.


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jochandler said…
Dear Liz,
I am constantly amazed at how direct and honest and true your answers and comments are, based on the teachings of ACIM. There is nothing more comforting than the knowledge that, as you put it: "There is only one problem and that is the belief that you are separate from God.

There is no compromise here. And that is exactly why your answers are so profoundly helpful.

I subscribed to the newsletter. Believe me, it is worth every paltry penny. Thank you so much.


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