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Would you please comment on disease - how our thoughts create it and how we heal again. Thank you. – AM

You are mind. Diseases of the body are no different than any other appearance. The world, the body, diseases of the body – all of these are thoughts in your mind. They are the effect of your mind, which is their cause, but they are not you. They are “illusions”, because they are not your Reality.
God is your Cause and Reality. God is Limitless, Formless Being, or Mind, extending infinitely and eternally. The experience of God is boundless love, peace, and joy. God extends only God, so as God’s Effect, you extend God infinitely and eternally. In God, then, Cause and Effect are One and the Same, but in your belief that not-God is possible, you are cause of effects unlike God. When you identify with (give your attention to) a personal self in a body in a world, then, you believe that you are limited, time-bound form. This is not true, so it is painful. Also, to believe that not-God is possible, you must believe that you attacked God and took part of God away from God. This means that your identification with a personal self is one of inherent guilt and fear of punishment. Your pain and guilt and fear manifest in your awareness as an anxious mind and a dis-eased and dis-ordered body.
As a thought in your mind, the body is healed, then, by your decision to have it heal. This can happen spontaneously, but most often this is done through what A Course in Miracles calls external “agents” (medicines, doctors, treatments, etc.) showing up to give form to your decision to heal the body. But this is not real healing, because the real source of your dis-ease and dis-comfort is your belief that you are a personal self in a body in a world. To focus your mind on healing the body, then, is to do nothing real. It is to keep your mind mis-identified with what-it-is-not, because, healthy or sick, a body is never you. Even when the body is healthy, your mind is still conflicted if it is identifying with the body. Eventually, dis-ease and dis-order will return in your awareness again.
True healing, then, is your learning to identify with your True Cause and not with the erroneous effect (the body) of your belief that not-God is possible. To do this, you must withdraw your attention from the body and the world it seems to inhabit. You must look inward at how your own thoughts contribute to your sense of peace or conflict, and correct those thoughts that lead you to feel conflicted by affirming God as your Reality. As you focus your attention inward, and return your mind to God again and again, God will become more and more real in your experience. You will find that, as an effect of your healed mind, the world that you perceive, including the body, will improve. But, ironically, this will no longer matter to you, because you will realize that they are not your cause, and they are not you; they are meaningless. You will have inner peace, and what more is there to want?


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