Ask: Do you need codes so you are not left behind?

What is one to make of those folks who claim to vibrate at a high frequency because they are connected to the light? Some offer to transmit the new "ascension codes" to the rest of us (for a fee), so we can vibrate at the right frequency as earth is making a shift. I've read testimonials on these types of websites of how these services have changed a person's life for the better. Do we all receive these "codes " so we're not left behind ? – Anonymous

What you make of those who teach what you describe is up to you, but let me explain to you your relationship to God:

There is no time, no place, no state where God is absent. (T-29.I.1)

God is Formless Being extending everywhere, always. God is All that is. Being All, God must also contain the idea of Its own opposite, but, since God is All, God cannot have an opposite. The-opposite-of-God, then, can never be more than an idea, and this idea is undone by God’s All-encompassing nature as soon as it is thought.
However, as the opposite of the Eternal, not-God contains the idea of time. In the idea of time, it seems as though not-God began long ago and will be undone in some indefinite future. So, there is a part of Mind that thinks it is in time, and seems to be split between What it is (God) and the idea of not-God. (A Course in Miracles calls this split part of Mind the “son of God”). Since God is Eternal, Formless, and One, not-God manifests as a universe of time-bound, diverse form. The split mind, then, is projected into this universe of form as many minds, or personal selves. So, in every seemingly-separate mind, God still abides beyond the personal thought system.
God, then, is always in your mind, whether you are aware of God or not. You cannot have more or less God, or more or less of a connection to God, than any other mind, because all seemingly-separate minds are really just a projection of one split mind. You may have more or less of an awareness of God than others, but this has no effect on God at all, only on your state of mind. The more aware you are of God, the more you are at peace.
So, you do not need to attain, earn, vibrate, ascend, or have special codes to be aware of God, nor can you be “left behind”, because you have never left God’s Mind, as God has never left your mind. God is the Constant in your mind; everything else will fall away when you release it.
All that you need to do to be aware of God again is to invite God into your awareness, because God is always right here in your mind. To keep God in your awareness, you need to look at your blocks (guilt, feelings of unworthiness, attachments, etc.) to being aware of God so that you can release them. These blocks take the form of thoughts that you believe in. Some are conscious; some are unconscious; none of them are real.
So, you don’t need anyone else to give you anything so that you can be at peace. All that you need is to turn inward to God, and to be willing to release your obstacles to being aware of God. It is that simple.
As for the testimonials: When you have a headache and you decide that you no longer want it, you take a painkiller to give form to your decision to no longer be in pain. In this case, some have decided to change their lives, and they give credit for the changes to the codes. However, codes will not bring lasting transformation to inner peace. That only comes from an awareness of Truth (God).

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will said…
The websites are not free. Books need to be bought for the writer to keep writing. Somebody has to pay for this. We are not asked to leave our common sense at the door when we start doing the course. If you want to study the course you have to 'buy' the book. If you want to use a website and you want it to be there every morning, then someone has to pay for it. I have not been doing my share. It's kind of a relief to take a hard look at what I have been up to by not contributing more.

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