Ask: Why does the Course emphasize many brothers?

…I am in Chapter 27, The Healing of the Dream. In section VII it discusses how to look upon our "brother" in the dream of our creating. If there is only one Son of God, then why is there emphasis on multiples (or dream figures?) of the Son as brothers when in reality there really are no brothers? – RR A Course in Miracles meets you where you are when it first comes into your awareness – experiencing yourself as a personal self in a body in a world with other personal selves in bodies (brothers). Simply reading in a book that there is only One Mind is not going to transform you to an awareness of One Mind. You must have experiences that shift your awareness to Truth. So, the Course teaches you to use your experience as a personal self with many “brothers” to undo this experience and become aware of One Mind. It does this with the Holy relationship. The Holy relationship begins with one other, where you learn to observe your mind and to recognize how, with the personal thought system (ego), you look on this other through projections from a story that you have for a personal past for you. You then consciously choose to overlook these projections, and to come into the present with Truth (God, Christ, the one Son of God, Holy Spirit – all the same) instead. Once you have done this successfully with one other, you extend this practice into your relationships with all seeming-others that you seem to encounter. In time, after practicing this again and again, you become aware that what you thought was “you” and what you thought were your “brothers” are just passing projections of your mind, and that only the Truth is Constant and True. So, the words and symbols in the Course meet you in your identification with a personal self with endless “brothers”, but the practice of the Course takes you beyond the projection of a personal self and brothers to the actual awareness that there is only One Mind. >>>>> Read The Plain Language A Course in Miracles at Get answers by topic at If you have a question that you want answered in the ACIM Mentor Newsletter/Blog, send it to and indicate that you want it answered here.


will said…
I was leafing through 'The Art Of Spiritual Healing' by Joel Goldsmith and came across this passage. It was helpful and reassuring. He is talking about a life changing spiritual experience he had.

"Those two hours changed the entire course of my life because when I left I had received the illumination that took me out of the business world and into the spiritual healing ministry, which has resulted in a continuity of unfoldment from that moment to this.Who could put a value on that day? There is no way of measuring the value of the priceless.
But the experience could not have come to me except for the thirteen preceding years spent in reading the Bible and metaphysical books, begging and pleading with God, "Please, God, please, speak to me! Say something to me. Do something to let me know there is a God." Every bit of that search prepared me for that one minute which changed my entire life. You do not know what minute your life is going to be changed or when you may come in contact with the person, the message, or the book which may open your Soul."

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