Ask: How do I balance spiritual practice with the other parts of my life?

My goal is to fully awaken to the truth and reality of who I AM. I have confusion in balancing my time and energy spent in meditating, reading and being alone in the peace of the Spirit with work and enjoying outside life activities. I have an enjoyable job but would like more income to have more choices. I have good ideas for added income but do not want to be distracted from my Spiritual journey or peace within but want to live life to its fullest. – EB

Your statement that you “want to live life to its fullest” indicates that you have conflicting goals. You do want Truth (God) but you also still want to have a full personal life. But you cannot be invested in a personal life and transcend it (be aware of Truth) at the same time. This conflict is why you are confused and having a hard time finding balance.
However, you do not have to deny or fight against your personal goals and desires. They are only obstacles to your being aware of Truth when you see them as ends in themselves. You can instead turn them into the means to becoming aware of Truth. This is in fact the “shortcut” to peace that A Course in Miracles teaches.
Your goal of being aware of Truth means that you must look at every situation as an opportunity to remember Truth. In addition to meditation and study, share your work, relationships, interests, goals, plans, ideas, desires  - everything - with the Teacher of Truth (Holy Spirit) within you. Make It your partner in everything that you do and your guide in pursuing everything that you want. You do not have to worry about being distracted from Truth when you use every situation as a means to grow aware of Truth.
In time, your awareness of and trust in the Teacher of Truth will grow to the point where you find yourself naturally putting aside personal goals and desires. Then you will happily follow only the Teacher of Truth because you will truly have only one Goal.

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