Ask: Can you explain Lesson 253?

I have a real problem understanding the phrasing of Lesson 253 – “My Self is ruler of the universe”.   Maybe it’s the language; but even instinctively I am confused. “You are the Self Whom You created Son.”  Can you explain that a little more clearly? It sends my mind into a spin... – MD-T

            Maybe you would understand it better replacing the word “Self” with the word “Being”: “My Being is ruler of the universe” and “You are the Being Whom You created Son.” When the word “self” is capitalized in A Course in Miracles it is referring to the one, limitless Being (God) that is rather than to the limited personal self, or ego, with which you are used to identifying. The lesson reminds you that God is your True Being, not a power over you. There is no power over you.
            Perhaps some of your confusion comes from the use of the word “create”, which we typically use to mean “to bring into being”. In the Course the word “create” means “to extend”. So God “creates” by extending God. As God’s “Creation”, in Truth your mind is an extension of God. And, in Truth, you can only “create”, or extend, God. So your “creations” are extensions of God.
As is typical of the Course it is here taking a concept – “creation” – that usually reinforces the idea that you are separate from God (Creator and Its creation) and using it in a way to instead remind you that, in Truth, you and God are one Being.

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