What If You Knew That The Ending Was Happy?

A Course in Miracles teaches, not in one place but by cobbling ideas introduced throughout, that the unfolding story of the universe of form in time is the expression of the moment in the Mind of God (Truth) of the-idea-of-not-God/the-undoing-of-the idea-of-not-God. The idea of the opposite of God arose and was undone instantly by God’s All-encompassing nature. But what was undone immediately in Truth seems in time to have begun long ago and as if it will be undone in some indefinite future. However, the outcome is inevitable; the “script is written”. The idea of Not-Truth will be undone in time because it is already undone in the Mind of Truth.  Looking at your life today or at the world today you cannot see this. But step out of time (Holy Instant) and you can see that everything in the story of time is perfectly a part of that undoing.

Looking at the story of the universe of form unfold is a lot like when you watch a movie. What you see on the screen already happened months ago when the action was filmed. You are looking at the past when you watch a movie. And so it is as you watch the story of the universe of form unfold. The idea behind what you see arose and was undone in an instant. It is past because it is already over and only your belief in the projection of that moment as time does it seem as though it is still happening.

You only ever see a teeny, tiny part of the story of the universe of form. To stay with the movie analogy, it is as though you dropped in on the middle of a film and you don’t know how the tiny bit you see is related to what’s gone before and what will come later. But what if you knew the ending? How would that color your view of the little bit you see? If you watch a movie with harrowing scenes and you don’t know the ending it can be harrowing to watch. But if you know ahead of time that, no matter what happens in the middle of the movie the ending is happy, then the harrowing scenes are not so bad because you know they lead to a happy ending. You can apply this to the story of the universe of form. You can trust that, no matter what seems to happen in the little bit you will see over a single short lifetime, the greater story ends in peace. And each part is an essential part of that peace unfolding.

When something does not go your way, in your personal life or in the world at large, your personal disappointment will always flare first. But as this passes, if you invite the Awareness of Truth into your mind, It will help you to step back and look at the larger picture. You will realize, “I don’t know why this happened this way. But it is all part of a larger unfolding toward a perfect ending.”

“All things work together for good. There are no exceptions except in the ego's judgment.” – (T-4.V.1)

“The aim of our curriculum, unlike the goal of the world's learning, is the recognition that judgment in the usual sense is impossible. This is not an opinion but a fact. In order to judge anything rightly, one would have to be fully aware of an inconceivably wide range of things; past, present and to come.” (W-10.3)

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Unknown said…
Not only do I enjoy your articles, I look forward to them and save them as well.. I have approached this topic with you before and with another friend with whom we communicate everyday through face book where she posts an ACIM lesson everyday and other writings from Ken and other authors depending on the topic of the lesson or comments made by me and/or others in our very small group.. WHY I can't get pass that of course the answer will be its the ego thought system that keeps me comin back or just not progressing beyond that point of contingency I just can't seem to get past.
ITS about how can an opposition occur WITHIN GOD ... if GOD IS perfect love... IF GOD IS PERFECT TRUTH.. there is NO way the immutable can even for less then a split second become mutable.. its just not possible... and since there is nothing OUTSIDE of GOD ... where did it come from... that GOD the perfect immutable source can have a glitch within ITSELF is just too hard to believe.. yes I know its the ego thinking it but I say maybe not... because it doesn't change my life experience and belief which has taught me so far that it is much much better to love and to forgive and to have compassion than to be angry, hate and want to hurt others...SO what I am saying that even though you and others and even myself will say its the ego that is having me to NOT understand or causing me to question how could GOD have an opposite come up within itself... and how irrational that explanation seems to me I am still sticking to ACIM.. here's an analogy of sorts.. I have no other way of coming up with an analogy other than from the world of form... Can a knife for example stop being a knife and for a second be its opposite?... then immediately correct that thought go back to what it always but then forgets and has to work itself back to its original form or state.. this is how I process that concept of God having a glitch correcting it immediately but forgetting that it corrected the glitch and now has to journey back to its original state of TRUTH.. which is US... you and me.. we are God but yet we forgot that we were and now have to journey sometimes through very difficult life scripts to get back to the TRUTH.. Please I really ask that you give me a well thought out answer not a "pat" answer.. I know it does sound very demanding of me... but I am really seeking help with this thank You... Happy New Year... ah another year within this seemingly continuum of time and space.. I don't wish death I wish that I could be somewhere, like Gary Renard talks about in his book LOVE has forgotten No One... where there is no time. other ways of existing ... or other forms of existence... just not this one ruled by the time and space... thank you again
ACIM Mentor said…
Anna, I got stuck in this same question and got an answer from the HS. First I was told I'm taking it all too seriously. Nothing real is occurring. I'm making it real to me by taking it seriously.

Then it was explained to me that God, being All, must include the idea of Its Own opposite. But being All God cannot have an opposite. So God's opposite, or not-God, can only ever be an idea. And it is an idea that is over as soon as it is thought. Only within the idea does it seem to be real. So take your head out of the idea with the Holy Instant and you realize that you are Home in God and anything else is an illusion.

This is not something you can understand intellectually. You cannot look at something and say "this is not real". You have to look away at Reality to understand that illusion is illusion. You have to practice stepping out of time and into the Holy Instant. Then understanding will come.
Hal Seeley said…
"But step out of time (Holy Instant) and you can see that everything in the story of time is perfectly a part of that undoing."

Liz, there was a time in the not too distant past that I rebelled against this teaching. How could my suffering be perfect? The crack in the concrete barrier to seeing this truth was when I began to realize how it was that I made suffering real to me. Did I accept it as real or could I look at it as part of the movie on my dream screen. I began to accept the fact that the power of my mind could create an idea of pain and then experience the idea in a projected image of form. As I began to see the power of my mind I began to also back away from the immediacy of the seeming reality and became aware I was watching something rather than being something I was watching. The truth in this lies in the fact we can only observe that which we are not. The perfection in the unfolding for me is to observe what is not God and see how I am coming to see this.
nicci said…
it seems the part of my mind that wants to understand is coming from the personal me. (i often wonder if this is one way the ego seeks but does not find...)

those moments when i have the experience of an "undoing what never was", i am in present moment in the Presence of the Inner Teacher. it is an experience rather than an understanding. also noticed, the more consistently forgiveness is offered and i return to the holy instant, the more the experience occurs. the desire to understand seems more and more like one of the ways this ego produces resistance. what to do? forgive and turn to the HS.

these sharings were all so helpful. thank you. endless Love.
will said…
Helen recalls:
“Before falling asleep (in France) one evening, a sense of unbelievable strength and joy rose up in me, beginning in the chest area and rising up into my throat and out into my arms. For several minutes I felt as if I could easily reach out and touch the whole world and everyone in it. My sense of closeness to them all was intensely joyous.”
“Later (in London) this happy experience had a fearful counterpart in the form of a startlingly clear sensation of horror. One evening I lay down for a brief rest before getting ready for dinner. Most unexpectedly I was seized by a murderous rage so intense and so completely indiscriminate that I jumped up literally shaking. An ugly, hateful thing seemed to rise up in me and take over my body. These two experiences presented such a shocking contrast that they almost seemed to represent Heaven and Hell.”
Kenneth: “Helen described this latter experience to me as her feeling almost possessed by a hatred so intense she believed at that moment she could have gladly destroyed the entire world, the exact counterpart to the former experience when the love – equally intense in its scope-surged through her and embraced the world.”
will said…
Things don't have to get as acute a feeling as Helen describes. The daily identification with the personal mind, the same mind that caused Helen's horror, leads you down the path of hell
The promise of Jesus that the personal mind is not true, that there was never a reason for guilt and shame, is more than we are able to accept. The reality of that promise is given by the Holy Spirit.
Messi said…
You have some writing skills and know how to deliver message, not everyone can be that good. Look forward for more of such articles from you.

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