More On Not Saving the World

My last blog (You Don’t Need to Save the World) seems to have confused some students. What am I doing as a spiritual teacher if my goal is not to save the world? Didn’t this blog contradict my own life? Haven’t I written blogs that talk about the part we all play in the Great Awakening?

First of all, I don’t look at the world as needing to be fixed or saved. I look at it as – well, nothing. The world is a problem for me when I get caught up in it or get attached to it. Then the problem is not in the world, but in me. My goal is to let go of the world (forgive). I also do not look at students as needing to be fixed or saved. I offer you my experience and you can take it or leave it. That’s not really any of my business. The students I mentor are in charge of our relationship. They can use what I have to offer any way they want to. It’s not about me. It’s not personal. I’m not interested in being some great guru with all the answers. The Answer is within you and if reading what I write or working one-on-one with me helps you access that, then great. If not, move on.

I put my life at the Holy Spirit’s disposal and mentoring and writing is what has come of that. I have no goal for any of it. The Holy Spirit is my goal and that goal is met. Not fully, but that’s why I am still learning. I teach what I want to learn over and over again. The lesson is generally not in the words I use but in my connection with the Holy Spirit. I learn I am the Holy Spirit by letting the Holy Spirit teach through me. Sometimes the words I say or hear do teach me as well. But always the real lesson is the Holy Spirit.

The ego lives in time and therefore in a narrative, a story. For those embarking on a spiritual path, A Course in Miracles offers a different narrative for your life, one that will lead you away from ego. At the same time, it seems to contradict itself, but the contradictions are really just reinterpretations of concepts we have made. Your life is now about being a teacher – but you are your own student. Your goal is to save the world – but the world is only within your own mind. The whole “Sonship” must return to God – but the whole “Sonship” is your whole mind, not people “out there” that need to be saved. Over and over the Course shows you that you only see your own mind.

Yes, I have written about your part in the Great Awakening. It’s a transitional story that I needed for myself for a while. But I’m moving past that and I have to teach what I am learning to solidify it in my mind. I live in the present with the Presence so I don’t need a story to explain what I am doing in time. As long as I have a story for my life in the world, the world is real to me. As long as I believe in “I” and “me” I believe that the individual self is real. As long as I believe in God AND the world, my mind is split. I have to let go of the world and a personal story if I am going to be whole and at peace.

The Holy Spirit leads you through time, but points past it.

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