A Visual Description of Oneness

In God there is only God. This is the meaning of Oneness. Oneness is the Law of Mind, which means it is Mind’s true state of being.

The experience of Oneness with God is limitless love, peace and joy which cannot be conveyed in words. But what I am going to attempt here is an intellectual description of Oneness. This will maybe clarify some of the confusion students seem to have around the idea of Oneness, “extending God”, “what you give you receive” and the equality of having and being in God.

Whiteness is the visual representative of God here. Imagine whiteness being everywhere – extending up, down, all around. There is only whiteness – so whiteness is one. There are no parts in whiteness because it is all one extending infinitely in every direction, but if you did separate it into parts each part would be exactly the same as every other part and could be said to be extending whiteness. Because there is only whiteness in whiteness all it can give is whiteness and all it can receive is whiteness. All that whiteness has is whiteness and therefore all that whiteness is is whiteness.

You can use whiteness for a visualization of your Oneness with God:
Imagine yourself sitting in the middle of a room that has white walls, a white floor and a white ceiling. The experience of this whiteness is love, peace and joy. Let that fill you up. Since everything is the same there really are no walls, no floor, no ceiling. Whiteness extends infinitely and so does love, peace and joy. That is all there is and you are floating in the midst of it. Now you are being absorbed into this whiteness of love, peace, and joy. Imagine yourself fading or dissolving into the whiteness and becoming one with it. Now there is only whiteness; only love, peace and joy extending infinitely and eternally.

When you are in the midst of the chaos of the world, you can remember this visualization and remember that the Oneness it represents is real and that the world with its infinite variety is only a deception. Extend your awareness of Oneness by seeing It beyond the world or behind the world and know that It is Present and It is Real.


Anonymous said…
Hi Liz
I just had a vision similar to this description of Oneness a few hours ago and it brought about several things - a feeling of terror, thoughts of going crazy, disappointment and then completely bored with the idea of Oneness. And also I was not impressed with heading for nothingness. Then confusion came and I am stuck in a cycle of thought as to whether 'Being with God' means there is a God + Son or is there just God (which I am)? I'm very confused about whether I am God because when I was seeing Oneness I felt on my own. Can you please enlighten me?
ACIM Mentor said…
Anonymous, what you experienced was either a higher miracle or a Revelation - you didn't describe your particular experience so I do not know for sure. And then you were back in the ego and it was trying to interpret it for you. But it cannot understand the experience so it only understands what was lacking (itself), so it said you must be crazy, how disappointing, how boring, etc. You are still more used to it so it feels like it speaks for you. But it does not. It only speaks for itself. Now you have another experience with which to compare it.

We only discuss "God and Son" from the perspective of feeling separate from God - as though there is a "me" in a body in a world and a "God" to experience. Ultimately there is only God. Maybe this is what you felt as "on your own" - only one Being extending infinitely.
Anonymous said…
Hello Liz
You explained my experience perfectly in the last sentence of your above comment - only one Being extending infinitely. I have had the same vision many times but this one was much clearer and I felt that I had to retreat from it. It came about from doing the Workbook Lesson 27 - Above all else I want to see. I wanted to retreat from the experience so I did but then it just stays with me comfortably in my awareness.

Thank you for the explanation about the Ego throwing it's two bobs worth in. It threw me off balance! I just realised that it wasn't the Oneness experience that scared me but what the Ego said after it.

So, if I am only one Being extending infinitely then I'm feeling kind of lonely now with that thought even though I'm not a people person at all. How odd.
ACIM Mentor said…
Anonymous, loneliness is really a feeling of being incomplete. The ego tells you that the cure for that is others, which of course does not work! When you experience one Being you feel whole, so there's no loneliness. So, again, you are experiencing the ego's interpretation of the experience. Any experience of lack is the ego.

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