No Hoops; Just the Holy Instant

One of the things about A Course in Miracles that distinguishes it from other paths to God is that it does not require you to jump through any hoops to reach God. You can join with God in the Holy Instant anywhere at any time, no matter what seems to be occurring around you or within you. In this Holy Instant your sense of separation from God is over. You are Home. There is no place else to go; there is nothing else to do.

Even other paths that teach you that God is within you often teach elaborate plans for you to reach God. They say that you must attain this or learn that. Often their hoops take the form of requiring you to have many lifetimes to evolve to God. But time is only the illusion that the ego uses to keep you apart from God. It’s a “buffer” that the ego develops to keep itself going in your mind because you won’t stop and just be with God now if you believe that it’s going to be many lifetimes before you can be with God.

The Holy Instant is so simple! Just like God. Can anything be simpler than Oneness? Whenever you encounter difficulty and elaboration you know that you are encountering ego. God is right here right now. You do not need to go anywhere or wait any time to be with God. In this Holy Instant you have Everything. And once you experience the Holy Instant you never experience time the same way again. Time does not compel your attention so much when the experience of Timelessness is so much more real to you. The importance of practicing the Holy Instant cannot be overemphasized. Every time you step into a Holy Instant the compelling Reality of It motivates you to seek It out more and more until, finally, you make the choice for the Holy Instant and you never make another choice again.


will said…
I have been rereading Eckhart Tolle's book The Power of Now. I have found it to be very helpful in motivating me to practice the Holy Instant; helping me to remember to practice it as well.

Airiini said…
Thank you, Liz, THANK YOU!!!

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