The Present Apocalypse

The end of the world is not its destruction but its translation into Heaven for you. This reinterpretation of the world leads to your corrected perception, which transfers easily to God. (MACIM-11.8.1)

Did you know that “apocalypse” means to uncover or disclose? It refers to a prophecy, but the Apocalypse of the Bible is the last book of the New Testament and it’s about the destructive end of the world. So to the ego the connotation of the word “apocalypse” is fearfully negative because its guilt makes it assume that the end of the world would be a destructive event.

Read history or any work of fiction from any era and you will find that everyone thinks that they are living in the worst times ever and that a punishing, destructive end of the world is imminent. Youngsters are shallow and lack respect; families are falling apart; society as a whole is a cesspit of selfishness and greed; wars, famines, natural disasters. The ego never changes! It always operates the same and no matter what time you live in if you are looking out from ego you are going to see guilt manifested. Right now people are seeing “evidence” of the end of the world in natural disasters, global warming, the plummeting stock market and recession, wars in the middle east, etc. There are always natural disasters and wars and economic upheavals; the only thing that is different is mass communication that makes us aware of it all at the same time. And then replays it again and again so that our consciousness is flooded with images of disaster! There’s also the whole thing about 12/21/2012 – the date that many cultures have predicted will be the end of the world and that scientists think will be the date that the magnetic poles of earth will reverse again. This is only projected guilt and the ego’s fear-mongering because it is certain that you deserve punishment. Not to mention, is there anything that makes ego feel more self-important than imminent doom?

Oddly, even some people who consider themselves spiritual take this all seriously. But this just means that they have not yet let go of the guilt in their minds. The Holy Spirit does not believe in the world and so does not take the world seriously. All the world is, is a mirror that reflects the fear you project or the Love you extend. You can be sure that anyone who says that the world is in serious trouble and that we need to act quickly to turn things around is not coming from the Holy Spirit but from guilt. The end of the world is not some future destructive event; it lovingly occurs every time you uncover your Oneness with God in this Holy Instant.


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will said…
I'm surprised, I had expected a lot of response to this piece.

TStrang said…
Hi All,

I'm not sure what response Will had in mind but I'll comment. Liz's post reminded me of quote I like from another source, H.B. Jeffrey (The Principles of Healing): He who does the best healing is he who sees nothing to be done. He sees nothing to be done because he is seeing God only. He is at one with the Consciousness of God in whose Mind there is no evil, no disease, no accident, no distortion.

TStrang said…
Another related quote from The Principle of Healing because I don't want to be misleading about H.B. Jeffery's teachings: So, you see, when you healed your patient, there wasn't any healing done. And yet there was; but it was all in appearances, for there was no reality in sickness. Then if there was no reality in the sickness, there was no reality in the healing. And if you did not heal anything, you are not a healer, are you? People may say you are. Well, let them say so; but you may keep on knowing that you are a knower of the Truth.
Mariah B said…
Liz, I have a question. From a Course perspectiv, why does it seem like other people's lives are so much better than ours? Have you experienced that before. The more I get into the Workbook and forgive, it seems like the ego tries to find fault with my life, or the hand I was dealt when I appeared to come into this world. Then I long to have someone else's life, almost to the point I wanted to commit suicide just to be "dealt" a new hand. I am quite young, 23 years old and its so hard for me in the world. Thanks so much Liz, you post the best articles!
ACIM Mentor said…
The ego lives in lack, Mariah. All it ever sees is how it is deprived! Every ego sees things this way. But no ego is real. It is not you. The "story" the ego has for you is not about you. You are Eternally One with God: Complete, Limitless Love, Peace and Joy. Put the ego aside and enter a Holy Instant to experience What you really are. The ego's story will then fade for you.
Mariah B said…
Thanks for the reassurance, Liz. That bought a tear of joy to my eyes. I was thinking of attending the Byron Katie workshops, along with starting your phone mentoring programs sometime next month.
ACIM Mentor said…
You're welcome, Mariah. Don't forget, too, that you can join our free telephone study group on Wednesdays at 4:30pm PST (you pay for long-distance). If you or anyone reading this is interested in joining, just email me at and I will send you the number and access code.

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