The Separation and Intention

One of the things that I’ve come to understand is that, despite its efforts to attack God, the personal mind is actually benign. It is only trying to survive; everything that it does is for its own self-preservation, so how can I blame it? It’s like an animal that kills to eat for survival, not to be merely malicious. The personal mind wants to perpetuate itself, and isn’t that just like God extending only God? This realization has come as I’ve been able to detach from the personal mind more and more and merely observe it. It’s also come as I am willing to take responsibility for my perception of separation from God, instead of blaming the personal mind as though it is something separate from me. I made it (not personally, but as the one split mind; the ‘dreamer-of-the-dream’); it does not make me. And, if I listen to and follow it, that’s my choice. Nothing is happening against my will.

Years ago, when I said to the Holy Spirit ‘God is All-powerful, so how could even the idea of separation from God have occurred in part of God’s Mind without God intending the thought?’, the Holy Spirit answered that God, being All, must contain even the idea of Its Own opposite. But God, being All, cannot have an opposite, so the idea of not-God is undone before it even begins. I learned here, too, then, that the origin of not-God (the personal mind; the world) is also benign. Not only is it over as soon as it is thought, but there was also no ‘intention’ behind it. Like God, not-God just is – or it would be if it could ‘be’ at all!

So this brought me to ask the Holy Spirit about why A Course in Miracles talks about the personal mind as something that had, and has, the intention of separating me from God. And the answer is that, while the origin of not-God was benign, within not-God there is intention to be separate from God. The personal mind does intend to perpetuate itself; it intends to survive, and it will do so with whatever means it can. But it is wholly benign, because it can never be real. It is only an idea that is already over, and I experience this every time that I enter into the Holy Instant.

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jandvig said…
Dear Liz,
As always, you state the Truth so beautifully.

You brought me to this question:

The "not-God" is perceived by me as so powerful, but I do realize it's my choice to make it powerful. Why can't I easily understand then that "God" would then be a zillion times more powerful if I'd only let It be?

why is this "work" so difficult even when we begin to realize the Truth?

I'm pleading with the HS to free me from a stupid egoic issue I'm holding on to. I know I'm talking to MySelf. God must be laughing at this insanity.

Liz, please continue to teach me sanity. please help me "loose the world."

In love,
ACIM Mentor said…
It's difficult, Janet, because of your unconscious resistance to the Truth, caused by guilt for separating from God, and fear that God will punish you for this. These are inherent beliefs of the personal mind, and you can only get past them when you have enough experience of the Holy Spirit to know that It is what is Real. So, your first objective is to build trust in the Holy Spirit; the rest will follow.
jandvig said…
ahhhh .... guilt and fear.

How can I forget hours of Ken Wapnick's recordings ... he was my first experience in understanding what you just reinforced for me. Thank you for knowing the Truth, Liz.

Well, last night in my "sleep" I think it was the Holy Spirit's Voice which said loud and clearly to me, "I need you, Janet."

I awoke feeling sure it was the HS. But if it was my ego speaking this, that would have been the fear of losing "Janet" - right?

But if it truly was the HS's Voice, then maybe It was telling Janet, I need you to extend my Love.

Either way, I heard it loud and clear. Any thoughts?

In gratitude,
ACIM Mentor said…
Is it because the name 'Janet' was used that you are confused? We call one incarnation of the Christ Mind Jesus, so why not Janet? In other words, don't take it personally! That's what you call yourself. The Holy Spirit was only being polite...
jandvig said…
Thank you, Liz.

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