Being Present to the Holy Spirit's Lesson

I’ve found that I can never predict how the Holy Spirit will teach me, and I don’t always know what things are for. For example, I’ve shared many times how I used to be very co-dependent. I thought that it was my role to rescue and fix others, so I used to give more than I felt that I had to give. I found relationships draining, and often I would withdraw from people in general because martyring myself in my relationships with them left me exhausted. For a long time I read into A Course in Miracles that I was supposed to do this and receive some mysterious reward that I never found because I was coming from the personal mind. Eventually, however, I developed a strong enough awareness of the Holy Spirit to begin giving from the Holy Spirit, which was not draining, but, in fact, gave me more than I seemed to give away. I learned ‘what I give, I receive’. When this began, I found the Holy Spirit often leading me to ‘be there for others’. It used my relationships with others to teach me how to come from the Holy Spirit, so that I could learn that I am the Holy Spirit.

Coming from the Holy Spirit, I no longer find relationships draining at all. I’ve developed a sort of automatic response with others, which is stepping back and letting the Holy Spirit lead the way. I’ve also gotten used to ‘being there’ for others in crisis, because almost always the Holy Spirit used those situations to teach me how to come from the Holy Spirit. But suddenly I’m finding the Holy Spirit telling me more and more to step away from these ego-dramas altogether; to simply forgive them as unreal. ‘You don’t need to go there anymore’ is what I’m hearing. So it’s the same type of situations being used to teach me a different lesson. Where once I was led to ‘get involved’ in ego-drama so that I could learn to come from the Holy Spirit, now I’m being told to not bother with the ego-drama at all and totally forgive it.

I have to be present to what the Holy Spirit is teaching me right now; I cannot assume that I know what I need to learn. While the external circumstances may not change, the lessons do, because awakening to God is an unfolding process within me.

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Hi Liz:

Really not trying to BE difficult. I am just having my usual problems with the Course idea of my being God.

In paragraph one you say, "I am the Holy Spirit." This is the same to me as saying, "I am God."

Then in the last paragraph you say, "I have to be present to what the Holy Spirit is teaching me right now; I cannot assume that I know what I need to learn."

But, if you are the Holy Spirit, shouldn't that be, "I have to be present to what I AM teaching me right now; I cannot assume that I know what I need to learn"? And is there not an inherent contradiction in that statement?

I think it's going to be impossible for me to buy into the idea that I am God. I AM NOT GOD. I am a creation (or "extension" if you prefer) of God with a permanent (if illusory) sense of a separate self. To eternity I will never be God.

If I can never believe that I am God, do you think should I just throw the book away?


ACIM Mentor said…
Jeremy, I knew SOMEONE would bring up your point about saying I'm learning that I am the Holy Spirit and then talking about learning from the Holy Spirit! The entire experience of perceived separation from God is full of inherent contradictions.

Here's a blog I wrote about Oneness with God that addresses some of your comments:

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