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I was recently healed of a persistent resentment while in the presence of a person who has dedicated her life to teaching ACIM. It was like a feeling of warmth and deep healing of that old wound/habit just by being in the presence of her love. What do you think happened? This was not intellectual; it seemed to be some sort of radiant experience. Of course in the Bible, it is mentioned that for example the woman was healed by touching Jesus's robe. What do you think happened? I have heard of folks being healed just by being in the presence of Teachers of Love of different religions. How would this be explained by ACIM? Thank you. – EH

You were healed because you chose healing. All forms of discord – physical, emotional, and/or intellectual - are of the personal self, which is a thought in your mind. So, all healing occurs in the mind of the one who thinks that discord is occurring. You were open to seeing peace and love in this teacher, which reflected the peace and love within you, and you were healed of a particular resentment
The Bible story that you mention is a metaphor for this: In a woman’s desire to be healed, she touched the Christ within (love, peace), embodied by Jesus in the story, and was healed.

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Anonymous said…
I love the way you cut to the chase Liz - no frills, just tell it like it is. Great!

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