Ask: If I am the dream figure then who is the dreamer of the dream?

If I am the dream figure, then who is the dreamer of this dream? And how do I as the dream figure get in contact with the dreamer? Is Jesus in ACIM addressing the dreamer of the dream? How do I change this dream into the "happy dream" ACIM speaks of? - G.P.

You are the dreamer of the dream dreaming that you are a figure in your dream. A Course in Miracles addresses you as the dreamer.
The “dreamer of the dream” in the Course refers to the split mind, which it calls the “son of God” (lower case “s” on son). It is split between God (What it is) and not-God (the idea of the opposite-of-God). This split mind makes the universe of form and projects its mind into many seemingly-individual minds. So each seemingly-individual mind seems to be a dream figure but is really one form of the one split mind.
You begin your study of the Course almost wholly identified with a figure in the dream, or a personal self (ego). You think that the personal “life” and its world are happening to you and that you are largely powerless. You are not aware that you are mind and these are only ideas in your mind. But the universe of form that the split mind projects, and in which you seem to find yourself, has no meaning in itself. All of the meaning that you see you project from a personal thought system. This is true for every personal self. In this way each personal self makes up the world in which they seem to live. In other words, you don’t really live in a universe of form but in your thoughts about a universe of form. This is your “world”.
There is a process to realizing that you are the dreamer of the dream. You will not recognize that you are the dreamer of the dream while still thinking of yourself as a figure in the dream. So the first part of the process is getting in touch with the Truth, or God, within you (Christ, Holy Spirit). Only from this awareness can you detach from the personal identity. When you have a sufficient awareness of Truth you can observe the personal thought system. Because you can observe it you realize that it is not you. It is just an idea in your mind.
Once you are aware of Truth you also begin the process of letting go of guilt. The personal thought system’s justification for guilt is the idea that you have undone Truth. Obviously, if you are in touch with Truth you have not undone it, so the justification for guilt starts to crumble. Eventually your awareness of Truth chips away enough guilt for you to observe without judgment how with the personal thought system you make a world for the personal self by projecting meaning onto the universe of form. These projections of meaning always somehow tie into the personal story that you have for the personal self with which you identify. The more you observe your mind and detach from the personal thought system the more you become aware that all minds work the same. The Truth in every mind is identical and not-Truth in every mind is the same in content, though different in form. Boundaries between minds collapse for you. You realize that there is only one “dreamer of the dream” that just takes many forms. You stop thinking in terms of “my” mind, “their” mind, and “your” mind and you think simply in terms of “mind”. You accept, without guilt or judgment, that if it is in your awareness it is in your mind. You are the dreamer of the dream.
You do not have to make any of this happen. It is the natural result of inviting Truth into your awareness and choosing to undo your obstacles (guilt, fear) to being aware of Truth. You only have to be willing; Truth does the rest. In time you accept that only the Truth is True. You recognize that the dream is meaningless and you let it unfold without judgment or attachment. The dream does not really change but you become a happy dreamer because you recognize that it is a dream and not reality.

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Anonymous said…
"...the first part of the process is getting in touch with the Truth, or God, within you (Christ, Holy Spirit). "

Since this is the linchpin for the escape from guilt and the ability to really know the Truth, can you expand on this step a bit more - in that wonderfully clear and straightforward style of yours?

Thank you Liz
ACIM Mentor said…
The Workbook of A Course in Miracles - that's for learning to experience the Truth within you.
Anonymous said…

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