Ask: How do I approach "private thoughts"?

…I haven't been doing "the Course" for very long, but I do seem to get caught up in "my thoughts". At the beginning of doing the Course, are we just to be concentrating on releasing fearful, anxious, jealous, so called "lower" states of mind? Sometimes, when I am daydreaming about my new bedroom furniture (for example), I become aware that I am thinking "private thoughts" and not thinking with the Holy Spirit. This is causing me a good bit of hyper vigilance, which does not make for a peaceful day!!
…practically, when the
Course says we want neither the "good nor the bad" thoughts, that confuses me. How do you suggest approaching these so-called "good thoughts'? Or, am I jumping way ahead of myself to a goal that is not within reach for me at this time? – SL

You do not have to force your mind to stay focused on Truth (God) all day long. This is not realistic, and frankly there are times when you need to be focused on what the body is doing (when it is running a chain-saw, for example). If you want inner peace, you simply want to return your mind to Truth again and again throughout the day.
For example, when you find your mind running off with a meaningless distraction, like fantasizing about your new bedroom furniture, just let those thoughts go, come into the present, turn your mind inward, and take a moment to commune with Truth. Remind yourself that the Truth is What is True. Feel yourself relax. Then go about your day, taking these moments when you remember to.
The thoughts in the Workbook are important for new students, but what you are going to take away from the Workbook is the practice that it instills in you after a year. These are the habits of communing with Truth daily, watching how your thoughts contribute to your experience of peace or conflict, and taking moments throughout the day to remember Truth.
The more you open yourself to and experience Truth the quieter your mind will become. This quiet is the peace that you crave. You will then recognize that all of the personal thought system’s (ego’s) thoughts, whether it judges them as “good” or “bad”, are obstacles to peace. They are just meaningless babble that obscures the peace that is in your mind now.

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Cathy Ginter said…
Beautiful sharing... I love this deeper relaxation into the silence of the Heart ~ OM

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