Ask: What does "I am under no laws but God's" mean?

I don't understand what the workbook says about "I am under no laws but God's", particularly when it comes to economic laws.  A part of me wants not to worry about money but another part says I have to. This quote from the Course makes me feel free, but I wonder if it will make me irresponsible as well. – SD

            The personal thought system (ego) teaches that if you follow certain rules in the world you will be happy, peaceful, complete, etc. What A Course in Miracles is saying is that your peace and happiness are not determined by anything in the universe of form but by your awareness of God. God is the eternal Truth in you.
            What you are seeing here is that the personal thought system (ego) equates worrying with responsibility. But in what way is worrying responsible? It is a waste of time and energy and it certainly does not lead to inner peace. The personal thought system values worrying because it distracts you from Truth (God). That’s its only use for anything in the universe of form.
            When you are centered in Truth you will know what you have to do to take care of the personal self. If you are not yet able to center yourself in Truth use the personal self’s concerns to become aware of the Teacher of Truth (Holy Spirit) within you by bringing personal concerns (like money issues) to It. It will always answer you. This is how you will learn that It is always here with you. And it is this awareness that will bring you peace.

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Anonymous said…
How do I distinguish between the Holy Spirit's answer and what my ego tells me.
ACIM Mentor said…
It takes a while to discern the Holy Spirit's still, quiet Voice (words, intuition, unformed thoughts) from the personal thought system's (ego) cacophony of voices. In general, when it is the HS you will have a clear, open feeling free from emotional charge.
Joe Emma said…
Thank you so much for this answer. Your post almost always address something I 'just happen' to be questioning.

Joe E.

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