Ask: How do I use ACIM when others won't forgive me?

My adult children have refused to speak to me for years. I have explained my past actions and I have apologized but this has not brought about a change in my relationship with them. How can I use what ACIM teaches to change my thinking about this? – Anonymous

            By taking responsibility and apologizing you have taken steps to undo the guilt in your mind that the personal thought system (ego) may have been using as an obstacle to peace. This clears the way to peace for you. But whether or not your children want peace is up to them. Every mind has peace in it, but most are not willing to work through their obstacles to peace. Most continue to seek peace through grudges and victimhood rather than through an awareness of Truth and the releasing of the personal story.
            Frankly, even if your children came around and forgave you the personal thought system in your mind would find something else lacking in the personal life about which to gripe. It can never be lastingly happy, because it is a thought system of lack. This is why personal peace is not true inner peace. And this is why the only way to peace is to release the personal thought system, not to try to fix it or to make it happy. If you want inner peace, no matter what is happening in the personal self’s life, you must grow your awareness of the Truth within you.
            If you find that you cannot let your children go and this continues to be an obstacle to peace for you, then you need to look into your own mind for the thoughts, beliefs, and attachments that are obstacles to peace. You will want to invite the Holy Spirit into this process.

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Brooke said…
thank you, again and again!
Lorri Coburn said…
I've found that re-minding myself that there is no separation from my loved ones helps. I see the person in my mind, breathe him in, and breathe love back to him. In Ch. 18, Sec. VII ACIM talks about the holy relationship and says you and your brother ARE together.
sosolobi said…
what a beautiful answer. thank you!
Unknown said…
My boyfriend, who is an ACIM student and is working on a video series on true forgiveness, apparently can't forgive me for a recent egoic outburst. I feel so bad to be unforgiven. But the only thing I can do is hand him over for this perception of him.

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