Ask: How do I use guidance to awaken rather than to dream a better dream?

...When I hear people talk about guidance it seems to be involved in a lot of different aspects and areas - I'm not sure if that makes sense - but I guess the question is about how to get in touch with guidance and what real guidance is being used for - how to use it to awaken rather than in a way that the personal mind might use it to keep you in the dream and "fixing" up the dream?  I'm not really clear how to ask about this because I think it's probably quite an in-depth topic in the sense of really receiving guidance and how guidance can be distorted and misused and also guidance for more personal activities or how the body is utilized and more deeper clearing of the mind and really joining with the presence of God and releasing identity with the personal.AL

            Inner peace results when you are aware of Truth. So when you decide that you want inner peace you are ready to grow your awareness of Truth. This is where the Teacher of Truth (Holy Spirit) comes in. The Teacher of Truth is the thought system in your mind that represents the Truth in you. It is your guide to growing your awareness of Truth. It is the bridge in your mind between Truth and your belief that you are in a universe of form. It will be in your mind until you completely release the personal thought system. Then you will no longer need another thought system to counteract it because you will no longer believe in form. You will be Truth.
            When you choose inner peace you decide to shift your relationship to the universe of form. With the personal thought system the universe of form is seen as the source of peace and happiness. But the Teacher of Truth uses your awareness of a universe of form as a means to make you aware that lasting peace and happiness are already within you. Every personal goal and relationship and situation becomes a classroom where you learn to observe your own mind and release the personal thought system’s judgments and attachments, which are obstacles to peace.
            You are not going to trust the Teacher of Truth right off. Until you experience It you won’t have an honest basis to even believe that It is real. But if you take a chance and open yourself to the Teacher of Truth, It will meet you where you are. This means that while the world is so real to you It will help you with goals and decisions and problems in the world. In time, as you experience It more and more, your trust will grow. You will experience (words, formless ideas, intuitions) the Teacher of Truth more clearly and if you truly want peace, you will allow It to redirect you to observing your thoughts and how they cause your sense of conflict or peace. Even when you are fully aware that the world is an idea in your mind there will still be practical decisions to make and you will always be able to give these to the Teacher of Truth so that you do not have to be burdened with them.
            The Teacher of Truth is always with you, and has always been with you, even when you weren’t aware of It. You are in charge of your relationship with It. You will accept as much peace as you want, so you decide how much guidance you want. You can decide to simply make a better life for the personal self and call on the Teacher of Truth only in relation to that goal. But if you want total peace then you will pass through that stage and naturally reach the stage where you allow the Teacher of Truth to lead the way instead. Then It will lead you to releasing the personal identity, so It will lead you to total peace.

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John Beavin said…
Great clarity in your reply to the question on guidance, Liz. Nice demonstration of accepting guidance in answering. Thank you for accepting my friend request. May you experience an endless succession of happy present moments.
egbert said…
I Love You
I Am so sorry
Please Forgive me
Thank You !

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