ACIM and Body Disorders

As a student of and mentor for other students of A Course in Miracles I have both experienced and seen how the ego’s (personal thought system’s) inherent guilt and fear distort its teaching. Some of the ego’s greatest distortions are around the Course’s teachings on metaphysics, or the relationship between mind and the universe of form. Guilt is provoked in particular around its discussion of the body and the manifestation of disorders (illness, injury, misalignments, etc.) in the body. What is stated in the Course as fact is viewed through the ego as condemnation or admonition.
           Like most students of the Course I used to feel guilty when I got sick. I felt that I was failing. But this did not stop me from doing what I needed to do to take care of the body and relieve myself of pain or discomfort. So I have been shocked to learn that many students of the Course actually deny themselves relief from suffering, sometimes even refusing to seek treatment for life-threatening conditions. They do this because they interpret getting treatment for the body as “wrong” or “bad”. They feel that they “should” heal the body by employing the mind for this purpose. Some spend a lot of time, even years, seeking in their minds for the thoughts that they believe are manifested as disorder in the body. The Course never prescribes any of these courses of action or inaction. All of this is done because the student believes the ego’s guilty interpretation of the ideas in the Course.
            So I have culled some quotes from the Course to show what it really does teach. I have put these on a link at my website. At the end of each collection of quotes I have summarized them. Hopefully this will help you undo and/or avoid some of the guilt that the ego inspires regarding disorders in the body. At the very end I share my own experience with the body and the Holy Spirit.
Here is the link: It's very long; 10 pages in MS Word.

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