Ask: Where in the Course does it use the lower-case "s" on son?

Where in ACIM does it use the lower case “s” on “son of God”? (November 30, 2012)

[This question refers to this paragraph from my last article: “But within the thought-of-the-opposite-of-God there is an emptiness which is filled by a universe of form, or the opposite-of-God made manifest. The part of God’s mind where this thought seems to occur the Course calls the “son of God” (lower case “s” on “son”). It cannot leave God so it is split between God and not-God. This split mind projects billions of versions of itself into the universe of form (individual minds in bodies). For the seemingly-individual split mind the Course refers to the projection of not-God as “ego” and to the awareness of God as “Christ” (or “Son of God”; upper-case “s” on “son”).].
Well, gosh, golly, darn…I could swear…But doing a search on my A Course in Miracles CD I cannot find an instance where the lower-case “s” is used for “Son of God”! Oops! And not only did I read the Course several times over many years I translated the whole thing into plain, everyday language paragraph by paragraph! The mind is an interesting thing. Here’s a good example of it seeing what it has come to understand through experience rather than what was there on the page.
I apologize for any confusion that this has caused.


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