Ask: Don't I need an ego to live in the world?

Don’t I need an ego to live in the world? If not how do I go to work, take care of my family, etc.? (November 9, 2012)

            No, because the body, personality, and unfolding “life” of the personal self are neutral projections. They don’t have any meaning in themselves. They manifest either the personal thought system (ego) or your True thought system (Holy Spirit). The choice of thought system is yours to make. Either way the personal self eats, sleeps, goes to work, raises kids, makes love, plays, relates to others, etc.
Your choice of thought system determines your internal experience of either conflict (personal) or peace (Truth). And because personal values, choices, and behaviors (effects) always follow from thoughts (their cause) the personal self’s life unfolds harmoniously when you choose the thought system of peace.
This is how you can tell which thought system you are choosing: When you to identify as a personal self your mind is not in its natural state. So you experience conflict and lack. You try to deal with your discomfort and unhappiness through the personal self. You direct it to find wholeness in relationships, a career, by acquiring various things, through a variety of activities and interests, etc. You have a strong need to control the personal self’s thought system, body, relationships, and environment in an attempt to be happy, whole, and secure.
But when you rest in Truth instead you know that you are whole. So you do not have to seek for anything through the personal self. You let it go (forgive it), which means you let it be without judging its thoughts or actions. You live in the moment in an awareness of Truth and peace. You find that you simply know how to direct the personal self to get its needs met. You watch its story unfold, trusting that it is perfectly manifesting your awareness of Wholeness.

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