Ask: Does someone who does not "awaken" still go back to God when they die?

What happens to someone who dies before they “awaken” or are aware of Truth? Do they still go back to God?

            No. But someone who has become aware of Truth (God) also does not return to Truth upon death. The self does not come from Truth and can never be a part of Truth. It is only a mistaken idea in your mind now.
            The Truth is already in your mind, whole and complete. It has no beginning and no ending. It is ongoing and untouched by the story of a self that you have in your mind. You do not have to wait for the self to die to be aware of Truth. Right now you can put aside the idea of a self and be aware of Truth and be at peace. It is your belief in the self as reality that blocks your awareness of Truth now.
            Only the Truth in any mind is real and eternal. Everything else passes away.  Some selves will choose to be aware of Truth and be at peace. Others will not make this choice and will stay in conflict. But the Truth is untouched either way. It is only one’s temporary (time-bound) experience of a self that is affected by this choice.

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