Ask: Can you help me understand Separation and the solution to it?

Can you help me understand Separation, and the solution to it as the only problem humans have?... –PM

            God, or Reality, is formless, limitless Being. As a self in a body in a world you seem to experience a different reality. This experience of lack, limitation, and loss is obviously the opposite of God. So you seem to be “separate from God”. Your belief in this other reality is your only problem because if you did not believe in it you would not experience lack, limitation, and loss in its many forms.
            The “Atonement” is the solution to this problem. As ACIM uses the word, “Atonement” means correction of your perception that separation from God is real. This is accomplished through you becoming aware of God within you. When you are aware of God within you, you know that you have Everything. You no longer believe in the reality of lack, limitation, and loss that the personal self seems to experience.

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