Ask: How do I deal with wanting to help without seeing it as real?

…You wrote somewhere that, at one point on your path, politics kept dragging you back into the dream.  I'm totally like that, too.  Thankfully I don't get stuck there like I used to.  The emotional pull is nowhere near as strong. But it's still hard for me to see the corruption and say it isn't true. It's hard for me not to get involved somehow. Maybe it's because the town I live in is a political nightmare. I feel it's my responsibility to get involved!  How do I deal with this sense of wanting to "help" without seeing it as real? (By the way, I must admit I don't know if I am actually helping even if I think I'm trying!)” – SD

            The first shift that happens for students of A Course in Miracles, often unconsciously, is that you see every situation as a classroom to learn of peace. This turns every situation from an end in itself to a means for peace. If you want inner peace this is the only shift that really needs to occur. So you do not have to give up your natural desires and interests. They will not get in the way of your attaining peace if you use them to attain peace. So pursue your natural inclination to help, remembering that every situation is a classroom where you can learn of peace from the Holy Spirit (Teacher of Truth). In time, Truth will grow real to you and you will recognize that the meaning that you see in a meaningless world comes from your own thoughts and beliefs. Nothing real disturbs your peace. Only your own thoughts can disturb your peace.

            When you no longer see the world as real you will no longer feel a need or desire to “help”. This is not to say that you will not help others. But you won’t be coming from personal need or desire. You will simply be willing to help if that is the way things flow for you and you will not have strong feelings about helping or not.

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